When does a guy's complements about a gal's outfit go too far?


Nov 27, 2007
Ok folks...guy here askin' a q. No joke..I can tell just about everything that a girl changes/does on a special day. It goes from hair, shoes, makeups (specific areas), earrings, necklace, rings etc....

When do you think a guy is pushing it too far when complementing a gal? Let's assume two different scenarios...one which is when ur not TOO comfy with the gal yet and another where you're a bit more serious.


Jun 1, 2007
I get complimented by my male co-workers (young and old) all the time on my accessories, outfits, and hair lol. I'm comfortable around them so it's fine with me. One of them only calls me "pretty girl". He rarely ever calls me by my name.

Compliments are nice if given in moderation. You don't want to go overboard with commenting a girl on things because it may mislead her into thinking you notice those things because you are attracted to her.

If you know a girl really well and are comfortable around her, it's easier to compliment her without it being associated with sexual attraction. :yes:


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Nov 11, 2007
I think the language used is very important.

"You look so hot in that dress"
"That dress really suits you"
are two totally different ways to say what may be the same thing. The first is smarmy, while the second actually sounds like a compliment instead of a cheesy come-on. I used exaggerated language, of course, but you get the idea.

At the same time, running down a shopping list of compliments to what she's wearing would be going overboard. "Those are beautiful earrings, and a nice necklace, oh and the dress is beautiful " sounds a little eager and desperate.


Aug 12, 2006
I would expect to get detailed compliments (cute shoes, adorable necklace, etc) from other girls. Before I was married, I would have preferred to hear a simple "Wow, you look great" from a guy rather than comments on specific details. Much more than that and I would assume he's playing for the other team...not that there is anything wrong with that.


Jun 12, 2007
Honestly, if a guy goes into all these little miniscule details when complementing my outfit, my worst thought is that he might be gay and wants to actually wear my outfit! But that's just worse case scenario :rolleyes:


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Jan 21, 2007
I think a compliment is good when it's given in the right tone also. Not in that "Hey baby" tone guys use when they want to seem macho in front of a woman. You don't want to get to the point where she feels like you're a sleeze and are x-raying her with your eyes. It might even be good to do it in passing, that way she'll think about it. But it's much more embarassing if you stand there and it gets awkward and silent.

I've had guys give me compliments and go overboard, to the point I started dressing down. I didn't want people hitting on me because of the way I dressed (which wasn't bad, but tasteful). I guess I didn't dress up as much, but when it's exaggerated, it can work against the person giving the compliment.


Nov 29, 2007
Are you talking about when you're dating? I think complements are always nice if you're dating... this is especially true after you've dated for a while... sometimes the guy forgets to complement the girl later in the game.

But don't sound like Tim Gunn or anything... "Oh I love your purse in the pebbled leather with the contrast stitching in the structured shape because I loved it when I saw in the March issue of Vogue." She'll think you're gay.

Unlike most of the women mentioned above, I don't really mind the "hey baby" kind of complement. Maybe it's because I'm young and single... it's nice to know I inspire "hey baby" comments!


Jun 18, 2007
I think as long as the compliment is sincere and polite it will be appreciated. I never appreciate any compliments that are said by guys not looking at my face. I can't tell you how many disgusting guys have said cheesy things like "You have beautiful eyes" while staring at my CHEST :rolleyes:

I just posted the other night about how when I was out one guy complimented my bag and another complimented my shoes. It seriously made my night. I was absolutely gobsmacked!

My only advice is don't get toooo specific or she will think you're gay. Forever21 was spot on with her Tim Gunn example! :yes:


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Jun 1, 2006
There's a huge difference between complimenting something specific like a woman's coat, bag or shoes vs. how she looks in general. Meaning you can say wow I love your bag or your shoes or you can say YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! And as claire posted, remember a woman's eyes are ABOVE her shoulders, LOL.

And it depends if this is a female co-worker or someone you are on a date with. Meaning, I once had a male co-worker who complimented me every day without fail saying "pursegrrl, you look nice today." Just very matter of fact. And I would just say "thanks" and that was the end of that conversation. But then he started getting to OTT saying things like "wow, that scarf makes your eyes even more beautiful" or "you look extra radiant today, you must be in love." BUZZ...GAME OVER!! That was too much and I told him so and he stopped that, thankfully.


Aug 14, 2007
it wasnt really a compliment, but i'll never forget, in my opinion, this guy went too far......
when i was in high school, this guy said, "whoa...what kinda pants are those?!?"
i was about 16..i really dont know what i was thinking...those pants were horrible, but i thought i was cute:rolleyes:
but thanks to him and his remark, i never wore those pants again!!!
they looked similar to these:


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