When does a bag get too big? When you can put yourself inside?

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  1. scan0010.jpg

    This prada bag looks as though she could put herself inside. Big bags seem to be popular for the fall too... but when is big too big? If you have any pics of too big bags, please post!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Well, the model is probably barely 90lbs dripping wet, so even a clutch would be large on her! LOL! {just kidding!}

    It's all about proprtion to me. I try it on and I go w/ my first impression.
  4. Wow ! I actually like that bag,
  5. When it looks like a "carry on".
  6. Suzy Z, With that in mind do you think the Manhattan GM looks like a carryon???? Is it a day to day bag or nice looking luggage???
  7. So, can you show me a link? I don't know what that bag looks like but I'd love to give you my opinion!.
  8. hahah! It looks like the bag is normal sized and she is a miniature like in a doll's house. Sure it's not crushing her?:wacko: :lol:
  9. my sister has it and i love it. i do not think is too big. it's more of a dayor office type bag. suit her well because she works i an office.
  10. that's not too big at all! And I love them BIG. Most bags are too small for me! And LOL- that's totally right- when it looks like a carry on! That doesn't.

    I've never met a bag that's too big except the large gucci horsebit hobo...it's not even "too" big but I think the pointy corners extent it too much so that it does look too big if that doesn't sound totally odd..

    Also remember that the models are size 000000000s LOL... So a bread stick is going to look huge too :smile:
  11. I definitely think there are 2 ways to handle the "big" bag situation:

    1) How much do you carry? If it doubles as a school or work bag, I think it's okay.

    2) You definitely should try something on and see how it looks proportionately. It may be crazy, but I think big bags makes us all look skinnier...hehe.
  12. That giant Prada bag comes in smaller versions...I love the design...but smaller..I have the small black nylon/leather version of it in the frame bag...very cute!
  13. When it can double as a sleeping bag! :biggrin:
  14. I personally looove big bags, but the first one seems way too big to me! The biggest i think i'll go is my LV MC speedies unless it's a tote.
  15. A bag is too big when it is too big for you to carry and needs to be on wheels. I love big bags!