When does a bag become a tote?

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  1. What's the line we to cross to go from one to another...:confused1:
  2. To me a tote usually has an open top and is sometimes more boxy in shape..... usually fits quite easily over the shoulder.
  3. To me, tote = rectangular in shape, slightly longer straps.
  4. I usually associate a tote to be more rectangular or square shaped with handles long enough to carry on the shoulder. However there are always exceptions like the Gucci Sukey which is listed as a tote but is neither boxy nor can it always be worn comfortably on the shoulder by everyone. LAMB also has totes that are boxy but are only hand held.
  5. The issue is that lots of shoulder bags can be count as totes.... But to me a tote is a bag with two shoulder starps that a are long enough to be carried on the shoulder with enough lenght to get into it with comfort.. The bag would be a rectangle...
  6. :cool: I thought that was it, but wasn't really sure. Thank you
  7. Good tips! Thank you :smile:
  8. Finally, I get it. I have one true tote in my collection.
  9. When it has two handles with ample strap drop to be carried on the shoulder vs. on the arm like a satchel.
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    I thought tote refers to the rectangular shape and possibly the larger size, not necessarily how you carry it...? I think there are a lot of totes that are only handheld. For example... I would consider a 35cm Birkin a tote and a 30cm Birkin a handbag, both are handheld. JMO though.
  11. Look what I found in the dictionary

    tote bag
    an open handbag or shopping bag used esp. for carrying packages or small items.
    Also called tote.

    1895–1900, Americanism
  12. A tote has two straps. That's all I know.
  13. Anything that looks like a 'shopping bag' - e.g. rectangular, two handles, open top. I have some small bags that are only big enough for a book or a lunch and are hand held but I'd still call them totes because of the shape. I'd consider an LV Neverfull a tote because of the open top and two handles, but I know some people would say it's a purse.
  14. :yes: Yup, these are pretty much in line with what I think of as a "tote" as well -- open top, two handles, squarish or rectangular shape (or trapezoidal where the top is wider than the bottom). I don't differentiate it as much based on whether it's handheld only or can be carried on the shoulder.

    Another thing that I'd add is that I sometimes regard bags that fit the above characteristics as "totes" too even if it has a magnetic snap closure or a partial zipper closure -- the key to the "open top" concept, IMHO, is that the bag can be opened widely, and that the opening is "square" (i.e. stuff like the MZ Wallace Jane Tote still counts as a shoulder bag to me, 'cuz the opening runs down the side, while something like the Longchamp Le Pliage is still a tote).
  15. Yeah Starkfan well put.