WHEN do you workout?

  1. I have a full-time job, and I'm gone from 8 AM to 7 PM. when i get home, i'm exhausted and all i want to do is throw off my coat and shoes and veg out on the couch. Yet, this is the only time I really have to work out and exercise. I tried to wake up early in the morning to do it, but I just can't do it. I feel tired and sleepy all day at work. So now I'm stuck - wondering how all you working ladies find time/motivation to work out after a long day at work? do you all just have super self-discipline? :sweatdrop:
  2. I just do it whenever I can-- jogging instead of lunch, stopping at the club on my way home work, before work is super hard for me motivation wise.

    Get some momentum by pushing it on both Saturday and Sunday and you'll find your body craves the exercise and you'll just automatically reprioritize to make time for it :tup:
  3. Immediately after work. I get off at 3.30 so I'm in the gym by 4pm. No stopping home, otherwise I'll lie down and not go! I wish I could exercise in the mornings since working out makes me all jumpy afterwards but my gym opens at 6, and I won't have enough time to get ready for work.
  4. I really find I am more motivated to eat healthy food if I work out in the mornings. Can you try putting your alarm away from the bed so you have to get up and turn it off? Then you're out of bed at least!!
  5. I used to go after work, 5 pm, I havent gone for about two months or so.. :crybaby::crybaby:. I need to start working out again, but I just feel like I lost interest and all the work I did before is now going to the trash. I lost 9 lbs and put on muscle, I feel so fat, yet I've put on only two pounds. I feel like I am lossing all my muscle. I must work out again!!
  6. Whenever I can - I go to the gym @ lunch usually & then after work when I have time I'll do a quick run/walk outside or on the treadmill........or at least kick the heavy bag in between laundry loads (great for core). I tried mornings & that just never worked out for me. I also have to be up @ 5am to be at work on time so I'd need to be up @ 4am - not happening!
  7. I usually work out before I get the kids up. I'm up at 5 am, do my workout, shower and dress then I get the kids up. it works for me because the rest of my days are usually pretty full. I tried working out after I dropped my kids at school and it never seemed to happen.
  8. I like to go when it's empty. At my gym that's 11 am or 12pm. Later when everyone gets off work it's very crowded and I hate it because all the guys obnoxiously stare. They act like they've never seen an a$$ before. :cursing:
  9. See, this is in part why I don't do gyms. I have all the exercise equipment I need at home, so I pretty much work out whenever I'm so inclined. Usually it's in the evening, but now that it's getting colder, I may try to do it earlier in the day while the sun is still out (most of our equipment is outside and under the carport). I usually don't spend more than a half hour with my cardio and weights combined, and I tend to work in spurts, so it's really convenient.
  10. I get up and do the treadmill at 5 am- it took some time to get used to the early workout but now it's the way that I wake up and I don't feel as sharp mentally or emotionally during the day if I miss out. When I get home from work I do some free weights about 30 minutes before I make dinner.
  11. After work is the best time for me on weekdays. I am not a morning person at all.
  12. This is a good suggestion. I think I may try that.

    I try to fit working out right after work or before I leave for work. I wish I had more time.
  13. My office building has a gym so I work out either during lunch or right after I get off work at 5 pm. It doesn't open early enough in the mornings for me to go before work.
  14. ^^
    Wow, you're lucky to not have to travel far to go to the gym. My gym is 10 mins (with traffic) from my office and 20 mins from my house, still I think it's too far sometimes, LOL..
  15. I usually do it the morning but if I can't, I'll do it before dinner.