When do you wear your Black Coach's?

  1. Okay this is a silly question but I live in the South and it's hot all the time. We don't have much of a "winter" so I've never really been into the whole you can't wear this after labor day and you have to wear this color in the summer. So you fashion guru's tell me,

    Is white only a summer bag?

    What about Whisky or Brown?

    Black? What about Black?

    Is there a basic color that is in style year round?

    What about the Turquoise Ergo?

    What about a Black Ali with a Pink Scarf?
  2. I live in Arkansas and I wear my black Legacy shoulder every day to work (because it's businessy and I wear black every day). But here, we have hella winters sometimes.

    Black Ali + Pink Scarf = Ah-dorable!

    As far as white goes, thank GAWD for winter white! LOL. I won't wear screaming white after labor day. But I'll wear winter white!
  3. I think true white is only for summer (winter white year round)
    I think suede and similar fabrics are only for fall and winter
    I tend to lean towards spring and summer for the nylon stuff (scribble, watercolor)

    other than that, anything goes
  4. I say wear them all all the time. I have lived in Arizona and in Boston (two very different places) and although i tend to lean toward certain bags at certain times of the year, i don't believe in any specific "rules" about when to wear what. I say, as long as it works with the outfit, go for it!
  5. I pretty much wear whatever, whenever with a few exceptions.

    Polka dot items are spring-summer only.
    Light colored suede is a spring-summer- late winter item.

    I wear my multicolored suede wave tote whenever since it's got so many colors.

    Black is all of the time for me!
  6. Since I'm in Tampa, I know what you mean about the non-existent change of seasons. It's either really hot or really cold (from January to March for Floridians :p). While I wouldn't wear suede during the summer, I say as long as it's a signature or leather bag with few embelishments, anything goes.
  7. i think that anything black is year round, basic staple bag. I usually gear towards the black bags in the fall and winter, but that is because I live in wisconsin and it gets pretty messy here in the winter. But i will break out the black bag during the summer months too! it really depends on what i am wearing too.
  8. Ha that's funny! Seems like I'm not the only one out there considering a black Ali!
  9. I think that they are your bags so when ever you feel like wearing them you should.
  10. Do you consider the ergo hobo white, winter white?
    It's kind of like an off white to me.
  11. No rules.
    Wear what you feel looks good and what you feel confident in.
    I wear black and darker color bags with lighter outfits and light/white bags with dark/black clothes.
  12. No rules here with black-- if I want to carry a black bag-- I do it! :yes:
  13. Black is for sure year round. I personally don't have any white bags, because I would be too scared that it would get ruined. I have a lot of khaki, black, brown, and beige and I think you can wear neutrals year round.

    The black Ali with the pink scarf sounds lovely! :tup:
  14. I'm carrying my black Ali today, and I it's 90something here today (I'm also in the South, but in hiding for RAOK:graucho:). The only bags I won't carry year round are my scribble tote (which I've only carried once so far this season) and my pure white bag....everything else will be in constant rotation.