When do you wear your beige bags?

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  1. I just bought one and I'm really having trouble wearing it. I love the beige with gold hardware look but the bag either seems to dressy or too casual for all my outfits.

    Can you please let me know when you wear your beige and which beige bag you are using?

    I have the PTT and can still return it for another one....
  2. I just bought a GST in that combination and plan on wearing it all summer with everything. Personally, I think of it more as a summer bag because I always wear black in winter but "Winter Beige" is also very chic. It would look great with jeans and flats or if you are wearing something black.
  3. If you are from a winter country, maybe you'll get more use in winter. Im from Canada, and cant wear my beige bags when there's snow outside. Weird, but true.

    Which bag exactly did you buy ? If its a GST its def casual.

    Lastly, I suggest to go to the thread '' Chanel in action '' and get inspired !
  4. i agree with TDTC, to me beige is more of a summer/spring bag for me. during spring and summer i would wear it with plain top, skinny jeans and a pair of flats with a lovely beige flap w/ghw. chanel dresses every outfit up so a simple outfit is all you need. summer dresses with beige bags also looks super cute.
  5. Thank you! Maybe because its the middle of winter, that I'm having issues bringing out the bag. I have the petite timeless tote and I love looking at it and wearing it around my apartment but it hasn't made a public debut yet. I also have it in the GST (but was going to return it) and now contemplating keeping the GST (and returning the PTT) and using it as a summer time work bag.
  6. I think beige can be worn well with black! I wear with black skinny jeans/sweater/heels or flats.
  7. I think everyone needs a beige or light colored bag for spring/summer. You can wear it with anything.
  8. Even though I live in an area that is sunshine and warm most of the year, I find I do not wear my beige bags..........can't figure out why....had the beige claire and sold it since it never went out, have two other chanel beige/camel bags and admire them, but they stay home all the time.........
  9. I have been wearing my jumbo beige clair this winter with everything from dressy suits, jeans and cashmere track suits in black, grey and ivory. I also enjoy carrying it in the summer with everything - dressy and casual. I find that it is a fabulous, classic alternative to black and white. Love the beige clair. It always garners so many compliments when I use it too. Wear it and enjoy!
  10. same here!

    i luv wearing mine w/ printed dresses, boyfriend jeans, shorts, whites, dark colors, and most especially blacks! beige clair flap pretty much competes w/ my black as far as versatility is concerned :amuse:
  11. I wear my beige ultimate soft with most everything I own all year round
  12. I like it for the summer, I think it goes with everything. I always feel odd carrying it in the winter but mine is also lambskin with silver hardware so it feels summery.
  13. ok, i am in here as i need some advice too, just like clover17!!! though i yet to own a beige claire chanel...... i am going to collect my soon.......2 - 3 hours later!!!!!!! i am so excited! i got myself a jumbo in caviar with GHW, its colour combi is really tdf! i am staying in Singapore, so its kind of summer all round, yet i still a little concern about this bag as i am mostly casual, in shorts and tank top and footwear i usually in my birkenstock ( i really think chanel flap CAN"T go well with birkenstock ) but i have tonsssss...... of ballerina flats so thats pretty okie too. i don't work so meaning i don't usually dress formal so now i am cracking my brain.....what to go with my new baby???
  14. I don't have a beige bag, I have a pink one though and pink's harder to match than beige but I wear mine mostly in summer I think the pink needs a lot of white with it and I don't wear too much white in the winter so it's hard to match for me. I still love bright/lighter color bags though! But they are hard to coordinate
  15. Everywhere! :smile:

    I wear it this summer dresses, jeans, skirts! I have a lot of nude pumps (love!) so they are always matched haha :P

    Only type clothing I cannot wear it is black clubby dresses :P