When do you turn your TV off?

  1. Was thinking about this today, and thought it would be an interesting question to ask you all:

    When do you turn your TV off?

    - When you leave the room for a few minutes?

    - When you go to bed?

    - When you leave home?

    - Not at all?

    - etc.

    I'm the type of person that will leave the TV on for a while, even if I'm not in the room. IDK, maybe I'm wasteful? lol. Also, if I'm home alone I usually have the TV going...I don't like to be at home when it's all quiet :smile:
  2. I turn it off when I'm asleep and can't stand the sound of the TV. Occasionally I turn it off just before, but usually I fall asleep before I can.
  3. If I'm leaving the room for a few minutes I usually leave the TV on then I'll get side tracked by something & end up leaving it on for like a hour. But if I know I'm gonna be gone long & before bed I always turn it off. The same for lights. I do listen to music on the radio when I go to sleep though.
  4. I leave the tv on all night. I have trouble sleeping when it's off.
  5. When do you turn your TV off?

    - When you leave the room for a few minutes?
    No, not if I am going to come back to it.

    - When you go to bed?
    Yes, I need quiet and dark to sleep. I can't sleep with the TV on, unless DH is watching it with the volume turned way down in another room.

    - When you leave home?
    Absolutely, I never leave the TV (or lights on) when I leave the house.
  6. I turn it off when I go to bed - I need QUIET to sleep! And also when leave the house. I used to cat-sit for a friend who would leave hers on constantly when she went out of town so it "sounded" like people were home. I don't know how effective this is.

    If I leave the room for a few minutes I leave it on. Sometimes I go upstairs to do email or other things and forget it's still on!
  7. -When you leave the room for a few minutes?
    No, even if I know I wont be back for a while
    - When you go to bed?
    Yes right before I go to bed
    - When you leave home?
    Yes, I always turn off all lights and the tv when I leave home.
  8. When I'm not watching it.
  9. As soon as I'm not watching it.
  10. When do you turn your TV off?
    My living room TV goes off only at night when I am going to bed, unless someone else is up. But, the DVR on it makes it turn off at 1 am or so, so, if we fall asleep to the TV, it auto turns off lol.
    - When you leave the room for a few minutes?
    Nope lol
    - When you go to bed?
    I'll fall asleep to the TV in my room sometimes, so, yes and no.
    - When you leave home?
    Never. We leave everything on. It's really rare my family turns the TV, and lights, off when we leave the house.
  11. I leave it on if I'm going elsewhere in the house for a few minutes. Sometimes, I leave it on if I'm alone in the house and doing chores. It just makes the place seem less empty.

    At night, I watch the late night talk shows on the TV in my bedroom. When I start to feel sleepy, I set the timer and go to sleep. I can't fall asleep in dead silence because I'll keep myself awake with my thoughts.

    I don't leave the TV on when leaving the house.
  12. I always keep the TV on in my bedroom, but muted at night. The TV in the living room is usually turned off when I leave, but on the rest of the time.
  13. Me, too . . . too much silence at night freaks me out. What I'll do is put the tv on 'sleep' mode and then set a two hour timer (sometimes :shame: ) but since it's on REALLY quietly, if I accidentally leave it on I don't wake up to the tv blaring. I'll just hear it faintly in the background.

    Trouble is, sometimes what's on tv will be integrated into my dreams. (When Clinton won the second election, I remember asking my dad at breakfast was I dreaming, or did they ban bear traps? My dad said that no, I wasn't dreaming, that they did ban bear traps. I think I was half awake listening to that at the time.)
  14. I almost never have the tv on. I turn it on in the morning to watch the news. I will turn it on to watch a particular show, but then off.

    My kids on the other hand, will turn on mtv etc and leave it on -- even if they leave the house! It drives me nuts.
  15. It all depends. But the one thing I am set on is falling asleep with the TV on.. it drives Vlad crazy. He needs complete silence but I could sleep all night with it on. If I wake up and it seems loud I'll shut it off- but it is the easiest way for me to fall asleep.

    I will turn it off when I leave the house though almost always... if I remember :amuse: