When do you think is the right time to moisturize?

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  1. I've been moisturizing my bag using Apple Care Conditioner and spraying it with AG once a month or sometimes once in 2 months. Lately, I've been thinking that AC condition might not be conditioning my bag very well. I feel that it's still lacking somewhat :shrugs: Someone has mentioned that using AC conditioner seems to work well the first few days but dries out the bag after quite some time..:sad:

    Do you feel that this bag needs more moisturizing? Should I switch to LMB? Or am I just imagining things?:blink:

  2. whoa, that looks great ! don't think you need do anything else !
  3. It looks great - I should leave it alone.
  4. I guess I'm wondering what you feel the bag is lacking? Is it the feel of the leather itself?
    Because from the pictures, I think your violet bag looks "thick and delish"! :yahoo:
  5. Yeah !!! I saw Louis vuitton purse have a lot of product to use ,, ans how they take care of cow hide ,, can I use with my B bag ???

    LV fan love collini product ( sale in Europe and Japan )

    Some LV fan said apple isn't so goog they use collini product

    Chanel also use collini
  6. I think it looks perfect. When it gets dry, really dry, you will know it. I've purchased bbags that were so dry the color was close to flaking off. I think they should be moisturized as soon as you get them, just like Apple suggests. I don't always do that because some of them just are not dry, others are.