When do you start Holiday Shopping??

  1. When do you start shopping for the holidays? and by when do you start wrapping it?

    I am an EARLY shopper and I feel like im alone :shame:
    I have about 1/2 of my shopping done already and Im just dying to go in there and start wrapping but I feel like a weirdo :shrugs:
    Anyone else?
  2. Weirdo? Not at all! i have about 1/2 completed, and the rest is for DH and DD, and can't do that when they're around. I have to sneak out at lunch to get their stuff, or order online and ship to moms. I try to get done by Dec 1 so that I can put up the tree shortly after, and stuff those gifts underneath! :tup:
  3. I'm all done and wrapped! I actually thing about it all year long (for my kids and parents), but I try to get everything ordered and wrapped before December. Then I spend December buying little stocking stuffers for the kids, or extra little things for family/SO. Takes a lot of the pressure off and I'm sure I get what I want (doesn't sell out on me). Also, my parents usually visit for the month of Dec, so I don't really have a lot of opportunity to shop after they get here.
  4. I've bought two, wrapped one. I usually start early and end late...
  5. i haven't started at all. i'll probably start on black friday. :nuts:
  6. I usually start in August. But I usually find a few great gifts before the New Year even starts on a great sale! :biggrin:
  7. Oh dear, I'm hopeless this year. I'm normally organised but so far have only purchased one thing!!! Sorry to ask in this thread, but is there another thread for gift ideas around? I am really stuck on some!
  8. I buy all of my electronic gifts on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) because the deals are great. For the handbags (yay!) and clothes, etc. I buy them whenever. Every week I go out to Saks and come back with a gift for someone. :smile: I like to wrap gifts but I usually wait until the week before Christmas.
  9. I shop all year and just hold things aside for the holidays so I'm not pressed for time at the end.
    I wrap when the tree goes up though. It gets me in the spirit!
  10. I only begin shopping in November as I always worry what if someone wants to return an item and if it's purchased too long before they won't be able to! I have the kids shopping done so far though! YEAH!! LOL
  11. I shop start shopping in Aug. I'm about 90% done. I just have to get my the rest of my mom's and I'm all done. :smile:

    My mom is done! She just needs to wrap everything. She usually waits till the week before x-mas to finish her shopping. But this year I told her that she needs to be done early. Since I won't have time to finish up her loose ends. So last Friday we went to Macy's and she finished it! (plus it does help I get a discount) :woohoo:
  12. Put it off until the last minute. I've been known to buy Xmas presents the night before Xmas.
  13. I start extremely early. This year I started in August because there a few things that my sister wanted and I knew they would be sold out if I didn't buy them at that time.

    Now I'm about 95% done. Everything is wrapped and ready to ship to MI. Then all I need to buy are stocking stuffers.
  14. I attempt to start around this time of year-Thanksgiving but I always end up doing last minute shopping.....like the day before xmas! Hate that, lol.
  15. I haven't even started. I'm not even for sure what I'm getting for everyone!