When do you start carrying your fall color bags...

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  1. and outfits, for that matter? Like right now, a lot of you have purchased your Coach bags in plum, brown, red, etc. Do you wait till it's cool and feel like fall or do you start when it's September? Just curious!
  2. I carry my new fall bags when I'm wearing an outfit to match! Although, I definitely put away my white & pink handbags for the fall/winter.
  3. I dont know if its because I live in CA. but I wear my fall color bags year around if the mood strikes. If you'd like to start wearing it now I say go for it!!
  4. I switch out my summer bag for my fall bag in late September... it is at this time when I put up my open toed shoes and sandals too... my mom always had me start to put up my summer things and get out my winter things around this time... I guess it is something I just automatically do...
  5. I started using Choco Sig Carly yesterday. I couldn't stand it anymore. :sneaky:
  6. I am getting my black leather 07 legacy shoulder bag on Wednesday, and I will be USING HER ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. wow, i started using my choco carly yesterday as well!!! i could not wait any longer either.
  8. I'm wearing my chocolate siggy right now and its 110 degrees outside! LOL.... I guess since I live in the southwest, I don't follow season rules. Its pretty much warm or hot all year.
  9. i've been wearing my choc sig carly since i got it!!!
  10. I wait as long as humanely possible. I love all my pink, lilac and whites bags waay more then any chocolate or black ones.
  11. Most of my bags are probably f/w-ish as they are all darker colors...but I have a choco sig hamptons book tote that really screams f/w and I will probably bring her out again this year later in September!
  12. i live in CA, and the weather is still very summer-ish. it all really depends on the weather. i'll pull out my fall bag and put away my summer bag when the weather starts turning cool and cloudy all day.
  13. I wear my Fall bags as soon as the weather starts to get crisp and cool. Just a note I have been carrying my Black Ali and my Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo since I got them. I just think that brown and black are year round and pretty much go with everything. I have never really been into the summer colored bags except for my Turquoise Ergo, I am pretty much a Fall/winter type of handbag girl.
    Maybe it's because the Fall is my favorite season.
  14. I wear mostly brown and black all year. Texas is pretty warm most of the year, so it's hard to follow seasonal rules, even if I wanted to. I like summery bags on other people but don't own any myself...I've been carrying my whiskey ali and my vintage ergo a good part of the summer...
  15. I started last week when I saw that the leaves on the trees around here are already changing colors