When do you shower?--Morning or evening?

  1. I was chatting with a co-worker today and she couldn't believe that it took me nearly an hour to get ready for work in the morning. So I explained to her that I like to have a shower in the morning as it wakes me up. She seemed suprised and responded that she showered in the evenings because she couldn't go to bed "dirty."

    Out of curiosity, when do you shower? In the morning or in the evening before bed?
  2. I shower at night.

    Then I use gel in my hair and braid it.

    After that, I go to bed. My hair's wavy and clean when I wake up!

    I don't shower in the mornings, because I like to sleep in a little longer . . . plus, I hate blow drying my hair.
  3. I have to shower in the morning to wake myself up. Even if I shower the evening before I still feel yucky when I wake up and feel like I need another shower. If I work out and sweat I'll shower at night and then shower again in the morning. I don't wash my hair every time though.
  4. i shower in the evening cause i too cant go to bed "dirty" and occasionally i'll shower in the morning as well to wake me up
  5. I shower both morning and night... =T.

    I take my "full on" shower in the morning where I wash my hair... my hair goes nuts when I sleep =P. And I also need to wake up.

    But I also shower right before I sleep (without washing my hair) so I feel clean.
  6. Evening. I like to get into bed clean!
  7. I have to shower every morning in order to feel good for the day.

    But I usually either exercise in the evenings or feel icky enough that I shower at night, too, especially in the summer.
  8. I shower in the evenings but that is my "morning" since I work at night. If I have an especially gross night at work I will sometimes "hose off" in the morning when I get home.
  9. I shower in the mornings, but if I have to go out later, I always shower again, especially now during this hot and humid weather. I also take quick showers because my skin is super dry.
  10. That's exactly what I do. I can't stand going to bed "dirty" but I have to shower in the morning to wash my hair so I can style it nicely for work. ;)
  11. At night because I go to the gym late. Usually around 10 so I shower after that. However, once I graduate and start a professional job in January that will change!
  12. Yup! :p
  13. i shower at night =)
  14. I shower before bed, but also sometimes during the day (without washing hair) on those hot and yucky days. More often now.. since I'm preg. and always HOT & sweaty.
  15. I shower in the morning, I would look awful if I did not! I have to start off fresh. I normally shower at night as well, if I work out.