When do you shop?????

  1. As I am sitting here contempalting my next bbag purchase I find myself a little hesitant. Not because I don't love the bag, but rather because I feel worn out. So I am wondering when do you like to buy your bbags, when your happy, sad, depressed, exhausted, or just on an average day. I don't enjoy shopping when I am extremely stressed out (I have missed many bbags because I feel like I am constantly stressing!). My bf came home one day in August and brought me my a part time that I had ordered and honestly I didn't even open that night, I was not in a great mood and could have cared less. So I wanna know...when do you shop the most?
  2. I can completely relate. I finally closed on a stressful and nail biting real estate sale and
    received my commission check. I typically will treat myself to a gorgeous Bbag or Chanel bag when I close a deal however, I am so mentally exhausted from it all (it's been 3 days) that I'd rather wait until I'm in a happier excited mood. Tried to convince myself that purchasing now will be uplifting and exciting but naaa I'm gonna wait.
  3. I shop late late at night and it's terrible. But I'll scoop a deal when I see one immediately no matter how I feel- b/c like you said- I never want to miss out on a deal.
  4. Oh my goodness, malleysmama I can totally relate. I am in law school and I have been interviewing at every big firm trying to land an incredible job, and now that I have one I am so emotionally and physically exhausted that I really don't feel like buying a bbag...hopefully I will get over it and buy something!

    Alaska, I wish that I was like you, when I see a great deal I hesitate if I am not in the buying mood and then I miss it...I need to pull the trigger faster!
  5. i find myself clicking away when i'm not feeling that great~ i guess shopping makes me feel better~

    but when i'm stressed out IRL~ even if i do go shopping~ i only enjoy the buying part~ and i don't find myself enjoying my new purchases immediately afterwards~ its only the next day that i start opening up my bags
  6. I usually do the most damage when I am sad. But sometimes I am not in a good mood to shop for clothes with all the trying on. But purse shopping ALWAYS cheers me up hehe!
  7. well while most people think that shopping is a "high" if i'm in a sad mood, buying something doesn't help. i have bought something in this mood and everytime i see it i think of the mood i was in. but goodness, ashley looking at our collection you must be happy all the time. :yes:
  8. I know...my collection has taken on a life of its own. I guess it is a good thing that I don't shop when I am stressed or upset...then I would be in serious trouble! It looks like you have been in a pretty good mood too!
  9. I tend to shop when I'm happy - I'm not really motivated to buy things when I'm depressed. Or, rather, I don't buy things for myself: when I'm feeling bad, I buy gifts for other people, which makes me feel better.
  10. I shop when im Happy.. But i get depressed when i see the CC bills.. ha..
  11. omg i can totally relate! i think i buy bags too often these days that i lose my euphoria. it feels like it's nothing 'special' anymore, i used to get them once in a blue moon as a gift from my parents or to myself but these days to curb my temptations, i JUST have to get them. it's like, buying for the sake of buying / spending / not kickin' myself if i pass up on that and know i'll regret later. i don't know what's going on anymore! i think i need to stop and take a break for a while, then start again slowly and my bag bliss will prob return :p

    i realise i can only shop best when i go out with no intent to buy anything and i start to go mad when i see EVERYTHING divine! LOL. so that means i shld always go out with an intention to buy and then i'll have nothing since there are always expectations :biggrin:
  12. I tend to go shopping when I'm happy. When I'm depressed, I don't even want to put an effort to go out of the house.
    I just stay at home and read, or go on tPF:p
  13. urrrm whenever i'm stressed actually. tpf is my procrastination tool from work and (un)fortunately, whenever i come here to procrastinate, i see another bag i want and then i start fantasizing about it.. and we know those thoughts always end up with bag endings. ;)
  14. I usually buy more often when I am stressed or sad. I also buy when I'm happy. The really odd thing is, I buy more when I am low on money, than when I have more of it:wtf:
  15. I find myself shopping most when something big is about to come up (like moving to a new state/country, giving birth, starting a new job). I get a bit of fortification from "feeling" I'm more prepared.... (I don't know why they "perfect" bag makes me feel this way but it does).

    I actually have a pretty stressful job (I work in ICU taking care of the tiniest babies) and though I can always manage when everything starts to go haywire, there are some things that just need to be constant or I tend to lose it (like my trusty Montblanc pen - I can't seem to think without it - and a decent bag)