When do you retire your bags ??? OR do you???

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  1. What do you do with bags you no longer use?

    I think this questioned was asked before but I collect them so even if I don't actually always use them (i have of course used every one at one time or another) ... what do you do when you have so many ... and keep wanting more???

    And your husband screams at the small fortune that doesn't actually grow in value ... ***sigh****
  2. I am now into selling my bags either on ebay or to my local consignment store after about a year, before they wear out beyond desire. With the cash I get back, I pump it into new bags which I have been eyeing. This way I get rid of old bags, gain closet space, and get to own the bags I like at that moment.
  3. I keep all my beloved bags and even catalog them....but my early ($350-$450 bags) handbags that I've fallen out of love with, I have given them to my niece or friend's mothers.
  4. Agree with this. I love bags, but I personally don't believe in amassing a huge collection. Every bag in my closet must be used, or I retire it and pass it on. There are only 12 months in a year, and I want all my bags to get equal use. Plus, new bags are always coming out. If I get a new bag, one must leave my collection. It's a never ending cycle! :wacko: So many bags, so little time (and money!)...
  5. Whenever I get a new bag I usually take one out of rotation :biggrin:
  6. I have new ones I have never used. A lot of them. My BF says there will be a room with display cases of my purses like in museums.
  7. I use all mine depending on which best matches my outfit. I have bags I've been given as gifts, and while I may not like them as much anymore, I wouldn't get rid of them. I had a few from when I was little that weren't designer anything so I just donated them to the Salvation Army. I tend to have a problem getting rid of anything anyway though lol. I always have some reason why I can't...and if I don't, I just make one up hehe.
  8. Nothing ever heads into retirement, but anything that could potentially be in retirement gets new duties - instead of going to dinner or out on the town, it goes to the supermarket.
  9. i have bags that i haven't used in a while but i know that i will use them again eventually. i'm attached to them so i don't think i'll ever get rid of any, unless...i really really needed the money.
  10. I don't retire my bags. I just rotate them.
  11. i do rotate them ... but i think i have amassed a lot of bags in a relatively short period of time ... that I probably won't be buying any for a looong time ... so I wonder if I should have not bought certain pieces to save for future must-haves ...
  12. I'll sell them on ebay or send them to consignment stores. Then use the money to buy more new bags.
  13. I sell bags that I no longer use.
  14. I only buy classics so there's no retirement.
  15. I rotate them depending on mood and novelty. For ex: my new Paddy is in heavy rotation, going everywhere with me and old favourites get the occasional outing to complement certain outfits.
    If I had to, I'd probably use an older favourite bag rather than use a new one in an unappropriate circumstance.