When do you pull out your Spring Bag?

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  1. Hi all! For those of you who do not live in a "sunny/warm all year long" climate, when do you take out and switch over from your winter bags to your spring/summer bags? Do you follow that old rule of no white until memorial day? I like to start using mine in April. What about you guys?
  2. IDK. I guess when i don't have to worry about snow not ruining the vachetta anymore. I'm waiting for that time to whip out my MOCA neverfull GM. hehe.
  3. I just use w/e I want when I want!
  4. I live in texas and it's 79 today so I'll be pulling out my spring bag sometime in early March. :supacool:

  5. Lucky!!!!
  6. OMG Traci..... I can't believe that you are already thinking about Spring when we are beginning Winter. I live in Massachusetts and as you know we started winter even before the official date. It is going to be a LOOOOONG winter. Yucky! Just today I stepped outside thinking that "Wow..... 50 degrees....my mono Speedy will be just perfect." And just as I was walking to my car I felt a few rain drops and quickly walked back into my house to change bags. I love your outlook, though. You are thinking ahead to great weather. Maybe I should do the same. But I know that the next cold morning, when I have to drive my son to school and I am scraping ice off the windshield and cursing under my breath how much I hate the winter.... and my fingers are frozen... and I can't open the car door because it is frozen shut....and snot is dripping from my red nose.... and I still have to clear the ice from all the other windows ( cause I have a Suburban).... and I know I will be late getting my kid to school.... which means that I will be late getting to work..... OMG.... I am already exhausted......
    Traci.... I am going to go to bed tonight dreaming of a Spring bag.... which I will buy in a few months.... and to answer your question finally..... I guess April sounds about right!!! I may buy the Azur Speedy 30. The colors make me think about beautiful weather.. I hope I live that long!
  7. When it stops snowing (which will probably be April at this rate)

  8. Okay....you are a parallel me!!!!! LOL!! You know I am in RI right? Pm me!!
  9. I never bought into "no white after Labor Day"-type rules so I just wear whatever colors I like (in fact I love "winter white"!!) I wouldn't wear sandals in January but only because my feet get cold. Bags, whatever mood hits me!
  10. Big Eyes, another TPFer from Boston here and I KNOW exactly what you're talking about! Your message cracked me up!:lol:
    I went to Lord and Taylor this evening and saw the swimming suits and bikinis out!! The coats are already on the clearance racks!
    Oh well, I heard it's going to be in the 50s tomorrow (even warmer than today) and I'm looking forward to it!:happydance:

    Traci -
    I like to wear light colors whenever it's sunny/crisp outside even if it's very cold.
    Today for ex. was sunny and in the fourties, I saw a LOT of Azur around and a mini lin dune (yes I do look at people's bags but I try not to stare though:p)

    I tend to wear my dark color purses whenever it's rainy.
    It rains a lot here in the Spring and sometimes in the summer.
    Probably that's why I'm sooo in love with the Mini lin these days just because it's an all weather bag and I don't have to worry about the vachette or anything...:yes:
  11. ^ :yes: same here!
  12. I wish I could do the same thing, but I think my mother pummeled me with that "no white before May thing" and now I'm stuck in it!! LOL!! I'm going to try this year though!!
  13. if it is white, after victoria day (may long wkend) otherwise, when i transition my clothes in april
  14. I don't know what a "spring bag it". I usually wear whichever one I like, I don't always match them to my outfits either. I can't dress using the weather forecast. LOL.
  15. The only thing that really affects what bag I carry is rain. Other than that, I wear all my bags year round. I live in Ohio btw.