When do you need to turn the heat on for cold weather?

  1. I was driving the kids to school this morning and enjoying the sun...it really made me feel so luck to be in sunny CA. For all it's faults, we really do have lovely weather here. It is 10:00 AM and it is in the mid 60's. It is suppose to be mid to high 60's all week and next week.

    Look's like we will make until until least December 1 until we need to turn on the heat this year. That's always our goal, some years we can do it some years not...but keeping my fingers crossed, looks like a mild winter :smile: Usually by mid february it is warm enough to shut off.

    When do you have to turn the heater? When can you finally say good bye to cold weather and turn it off?
  2. :roflmfao: depending on the weather, in the UK we can end up having to have heating on in the Summer!
  3. yup, any random time really! usually some time in late september though :wtf:
  4. Never! Living in Miami it's way too hot to ever turn on the heater. Even when it's "cold," there's never really a need to turn on the heater. I wish it got colder down here.
  5. :lol: i'd save so much money if i never had to turn the heating on :wtf:
  6. Not if it meant you had to run the AC all the time as you do in Florida heat and humidity!
  7. For us in Nothern VA, We have to turn it on second half of october usually for a few days and we can usually turn it off here and there in early April.
  8. I live in San Diego and have had the heat on (off and on) since October. Its on right now. Although sometimes I will turn it off but I like my house to be about 75 inside. We'll probably turn it off spring time but with the ocean breeze it gets cold inside. And I don't like to wear sweaters in the house. I'd rather have the heat on and I'd rather be warm than cold. But its sunny and warmish outside today.
  9. :yes:
  10. I'm cold natured, so my heat is already on.
  11. I flipped ours on Friday. I don't think its running much though. Another beautiful day in Vegas!
  12. Here in Colorado we've had an extremely mild winter. It's 72 today. So far I've only had the heat on at night when it cools off. It looks like we might get snow on wed.
  13. We're already turning on the heat at night here in SF. The nights have been pretty cold. That, coupled with useless drafty single-pane windows makes the heat a necessity!
  14. I never turn the heat on. If I'm cold, I just put on more layers.
  15. I turned it on about 3 weeks ago. It gets cold here in South Dakota!