When do you know it's time for the bridge

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I already have tears as I try to write this--- I have a 13 year old pug, Mr. Magoo (my first dog and first love!) and I'm not sure if it is his time or not..

    He has arthritis, he is blind, and he can no longer hold his BM/ pee at times. He is eating just fine and still bounces up to see me when I come home from time to time...

    I just don't know if he is in pain and my mom and I are worried about the upcoming winter and it is harder for him when its cold.. This is my first time having to make this type of decision..

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  2. Oh mm, I am so sorry. I know how hard it it is to lose a pet and a beloved member of the family :hugs:

    Have you had a talk with Mr. Magoo's vet? They would be able to tell you if he is experiencing pain and what the best route would be.
  3. What does your vet says? And how does he seem in your eyes? Does he looks like he has pain? Just try to spend a lot of time with him and do lots of fun stuff together, plus spoil him a lot with nice treats and food. My cat was sick for a few years, but he could still play outside, eat his food etc. until it REALLY got bad. When we know he got sick we just spend a lot of time with him, gave him as much of love as we could and gave him all the nice food he wanted. He had a happy live. I'll think you'll find out yourself when the time is right. I don't think someone else can make that decision for you.
  4. I'd ask your vet about his pain. They've seen so many dogs -and might be able to advise you about how things would go. They do change as they get older but I'd say that when he really doesn't seem like himself to you you might consider it. For us it was when our cat didn't seem to enjoy food anymore.

    As for the winter - would a heated bed help? We got one for my last cat when he was old and arthritic.
  5. you will know when it's time. you'll question it but at some point you'll think "it's time" and it will be the most heart breaking feeling in the world.

    i'm sorry you're going through this. :hugs:
    i'm coming up on the 1 year date of when I had to make that decision for the first time
  6. I agree about talking with your vet, but also trusting your intuition and how the dog looks to you. We come to know how they communicate with us.

    So sorry that he may be reaching that time of his life, but he's been loved to bits by a wonderful person!
  7. This.
    My dogs have in some way communicated to me when they were ready. I am so sorry. Most of us have been in your position and we know how horribly painful it is. However, when we have loved pets, it is our responsibility not only to give them a good life but to give them a good passing by being there with them as they ease to the Bridge.
    We will wait with you.
  8. You will know. For me it was when my dog wouldn't eat bacon. Her favorite, slobber, woof, run in circles treat. When your baby can't do the thing he used to love it's time. If he is still eating and running to be with you he is probably not ready. Arthritis pain can be managed with meds and heat. In my experience it is when they stop eating or change eating habits that things start to go down hill. Talk to you vet about pain management. I hope you have lots of time left together. He is adorable. Love his name too! LOL
  9. It's probably best if you consult with your vet. I'm sorry I don't have wise words to say because I haven't really experienced this with a dog (but I just lost my rabbit unexpectedly). Sending love and hugs your way! Be strong for him. =)
  10. I agree with other posters to consult with your vet, but I am optimistic because he eats well and acts excited to see you. If he seems himself, and you don't mind cleaning up after him, maybe it's not time. Talk to your vet.
  11. Sounds to me like he is still enjoying his life if he is eating and greeting you with enthusiasm.
  12. Things took a turn the past week and he has been on a fast decline. We decided to put him down today. My mother said the vet could see how uncomfortable he was just by looking at him. Rest in peace my friend. :sad:

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  13. I'm so sorry. Most of us in this forum have been through this and know how horrible it is. (((hugs)))
  14. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet little guy.
  15. I'm so sorry for your loss.