When do you know it is time....

  1. to part with a bag? How regularly do you look at your collection and think it is time to do something about the beautiful bags you don't use any more?
  2. Do you mean switch bags or get rid of bag? If you mean switch I tire of mine and switch after about carrying it for a month or two :yes: since I am on a purse ban until Fall I am gonna try to carry my Marc Jacobs all summer, so far I have been carrying it about a month and a half now :p
  3. I switch bags all the time but there are some that just don't make it into the rounds anymore.At what point do you just get rid of the ones you don't use?
  4. I'd say that I look through mine every few months, and if I see one that just isn't "me" anymore, or one that hardly gets used, then I take that out from the pile. If I have to think about it too hard, I may as well get rid of it. I'm trying to stick to bags I really like, you know?

    Which reminds me, now that we're in the midst of spring cleaning, I think I should go through mine again!
  5. I have a chest of 3 drawers that I keep my bags in, and I haven't opened the middle drawer in months. :s

    When I don't reach for a bag for a month or two, that's when I realize it's probably time for the bag to be adopted by someone else.
  6. lol get rid of a bag?...unless I just know I won't miss it at all....I would rather it gather dust than part with it:lol:
  7. I generally get rid of a bag when I haven't used it in the last 6 months. I actually have a few I need to get rid of but I'm feeling a little lazy to put it up on eBay.....
  8. I don't do that nearly as often as I should. And even if I do, I usually come up with excuses for the bags to stay ("maybe I will get into that colour/style again?" etc etc...)
  9. Usually if I see a bag I love, I reevaluate the ones I have to see if it's time for one to go. I just did this with a few bags recently. Now I think I'll carry everything I have for awhile.

  10. This is exactly what I do.
  11. So funny, if I have to think about it too hard, I think it means I must keep it. I guess this is my problem with parting with bags.
  12. Refreshing to hear. I feel a little guilty sometimes if I have something that I don't use.
  13. This is what I ( and my DH) wish I could do. He gets very excited when he hears one of my bags has found a new home.