when do you indulge in...

  1. when do you indulge in your favorite foods?

    Me when I need comfort......:yahoo:
  2. Same here but also when I am celebrating something.
  3. usually when i have too much free time on my hand... lol
    especially when i am watching tv/movies... then i'll get cravings for popcorns or chips or just food in general... :rolleyes:
  4. As often as I can!:yes: :heart:
  5. Godiva truffles, Godiva Dark Chocolate collection. Oh, did I mention Godiva truffles!!! :nuts:

    Washed down a nice pinot noir or zinfandel. Who needs designer bags anyway? :lol:
  6. Every night. haha But seriously I need one little bit of deliciousness every single day. Tonight, I predict...my peanut butter Drumstick I have in the freezer. rawrRR!
  7. Typically, every day, I'll give myself one treat. Whether it's a square of good chocolate or a small serving of ice-cream, I try to let myself have something so I don't binge. I can easily eat a bucket of ice cream if I don't try to discipline myself. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. Everyday. Who can resist looking at and eating chocolates, ice-creams, truffles and etc? Maybe some of you but not me.