When do you get your best sleep?

  1. What time of the day do you sleep best? I usually go to bed around 10pm, and get up between 6:30 and 7am. I sleep halfway decent from when I get to sleep initially (usually takes me about 20-30 minutes) until between 5:30 and 6am. I almost always wake up between those times. But I'm kinda groggy.

    If I go back to sleep (and have the option to sleep in), I sleep like the dead from 6am until 8am. There have been times that I've been woken up between those hours and been so out of it that I was afraid I was paralyzed. If I can sleep until 8am, I wake up feeling totally refreshed.

    Since I have to get up for work between those hours, though, I tend to have to force myself out of bed, and I'm just completely out of it until I'm almost ready for work.

    So, to answer my own question, I sleep soundest between 6 and 8am.
  2. I have always, for as long as I can remember, had sleeping "problems" because I can really only sleep soundly from about 3am to 10am. This worked out fine when I was not working and did not have a child (age 22-24.) But for all of my years of going to school, working and now with a child who is in school...my body still wants to sleep this way but I cannot. So, I always stay up too late, hit the snooze alarm 5 times, drag out of bed looking for coffee, and get through my day. An afternoon nap is not uncommon for me. I know it is a vicious cycle, but I have never been able to break it. My body wants to sleep when it wants to sleep, no matter what I do.
  3. I usually go to bed around 11 and get up around 6 after snoozing the alarm clock a million times. Whenever I have the chance to wake up a little later, 8ish is the best time. I feel really rested and not sluggish afterwards.

    I should really go to bed earlier lol.
  4. I usually go to bed at about 11-12ish and wake up at 7am.

    On the weekends I still sleep around 12-1ish and wake up at 9. I love weekend sleeps the best! It's because my mind is just relaxed and calm. When I sleep during the week day, I go to bed thinking about my next day at work or my school project. Even if I'm not stressed it just doesn't give me the best sleep. Whereas on the weekends I think of nada!
  5. I get my best sleep at work.

    JK. Actually, most people sleep best between 2:30 and 7:00 or so.
  6. I sleep best when I know I don't have to go to work the next day. My sleep schedule is weird due to some days working night shift and other days having to be up early for school. Typically, I'll be to sleep between midnight and 4 a.m. and the be up somewhere between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I usually fall asleep within 5 to 10 minutes, as I fall asleep pretty quickly. I typically will wake up once to let my dogs out, but otherwise I sleep really well throughout.
  7. these days, apparently never.
  8. Afternoon or early evening naps I usually sleep quite well and can fall right asleep. I have a hard time falling asleep before 3 a.m. even if I am super tired and sleep deprived and haven't taken a nap. Getting up in the early morning (which to me is anytime before noon) is murder. I often have to do it for work but it kills me. I can usually sleep pretty well in the morning though.

    I wish I could just go to bed early (before midnight) and sleep and get a good night's sleep and wake up in the morning but I can't fall asleep. Dunno why I can always fall asleep for naps though.
  9. Prime zzzz hours are between 1am and 7am these days. I rarely if ever get to bed prior to midnight even on work weeknights. For years I worked with a large software development company where nothing happened before 9am, so my prior earlybird routine got squashed after a few years in a very different realm.
  10. I work a schedule 2-10 pm alongside my fiance. I usually fall asleep between 3:30 and 5:30 am and wake up between 12-1. I think thay my schedule is driving my mom crazy, but I cant help it!
  11. On weekdays when I have to work I'm usually in bed by 10pm and awake around 6-6.30am. I find it difficult to function during the day on less than 7.5/8hrs of sleep.

    Not sure when I get the best sleep exactly b'cos I usually sleep through to my alarms w/out too many problems
  12. I've been sleeping from about 10:00pm to 5:00am in order to be at work by 7 am but I wake up several times during the night. I am a VERY light sleeper and have to use a sound machine (ocean and wind chimes:p) to drown out any other noises.
  13. I get my best sleep when I've got nothing on my mind to think about before I go to bed. Also I find if I start thinking about wanting to go to sleep that I'm unable to.
  14. I've been having serious cases of insomnia lately.. I need to take 2 Tylenol PM 2 hours before I go to bed so I can go to sleep and even then sometimes I can't sleep.. :sad:
    But I have found that I sleep the best in early morning.. around 5am - 8am. Weird huh?
  15. i sleep best between 10pm and 1am. anything not in those hours is interrupted and light. i am constantly sleep deprived