When do you call a kelly bag vintage?

  1. I apologise if this sounds stupid, but when do you call a kelly bag vintage? Is it when it is after 10 years, 20 years or ...? THanks.
  2. Well, I go by what the antique dealers use. 25 years for vintage, 50 years for antique. However, this is subject to debate.
  3. For me, 20 years and up is vintage (anything from the 80s).
  4. what a brilliant question sophiawinter!!!
    i would wonder if one factor would be any change in the leathers used - apparently the box used at one time is a superior leather to the box used today, in which case a bag from that time might count as one of those tow (vintage or antique) just based on the inability to purchase something equivalent today, even if it doesn't meet the time-line criteria. is that possible?
    could we call a bag from the '80s retro? lol

    one more thought - if you buy a bag from the 90s, it does become vintage... i guess a bag bought today becomes vintage as well, lol

    ps oh dear hermesgroupie the terms are starting to depress me. i'm vintage!
  5. ^^^^^^Like I told someone on an earlier thread, in 11 years I'll be an antique. So don't feel bad.:flowers:
  6. I think vintage is inevitable, antique is depressing. :upsidedown:
  7. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    well i know people who pay top dollar for antiques :nuts: :roflmfao:
    patina patina patina :flowers:
  8. ^^^^^That's not patina, that's botox!:lol: Kidding.............just kidding!:P
  9. Well, if you go for a "spa" visit each year... you'd be as well maintained as some of the bags that are still about.:roflmfao:
  10. well yes, it must be said that people don't patina externally so much. but internally, for sure. all those scratches and abrasions add up to something (right???:hysteric:) :yes:
    if we all stand up a little straighter now, we'll be fine.
  11. oo, with a enough spa treatments they might be able to fudge your date stamp a bit, or at least blur it.
    (actually, the trick to looking outstanding is to tell everyone you're 5 years OLDER then you are. everyone looks amazing at 44 if they're 39, yes?)
  12. LOL! I like how you think, HH! Yes, true that!
  13. Ooops, if i did that I'd be laying claim to being an antique a few years sooner than I want to. LOL.

  14. Don't worry, HG........ I'll be antique NEXT YEAR!!!! :wtf:
  15. When is your birthday shopmom?