when do you become boring?

  1. I need help!!

    I used to be a real party animal, out all the time with lots of people, never at home and was in a social whirl so to speak!

    then i met a man....

    I have been with him about 9 months and i love him to bits and i love staying in with him, chillin out and saving money.

    But i cant help thinking that im always turning down my friends and not going out anymore...

    I would never stop seeing my friends but finances are NOT good at the moment so im doing the sensible thing staying and i dont mind it, i just dont want my friends to think its because I have a boyfriend, i was always the single one always ready for a party.

    is it bad your priorities change?
  2. I hate it when friends start relationships and change.
    Not saying that is your case but to them that is what it might seem, there is no problem in changing your priorities but to hang out with friend you don't need money. Talk to the friends that you are most close to and let them know what is going on.
  3. Hey, it happens. And if they can't be happy for you, then you don't need them.

    Just surround yourself with positive people, not negative friends.
  4. everyone changes..and evolves.....Its a natural part of life..its sad when we lose track of good friends but I firmly believe that some people change in diff ways and go seperate paths for a good reason.
    Dont feel bad..as long as your happy..your friends should be happy FOR YOU!
  5. well, i've noticed the same thing happened to me too, but in a different way. I used to be really loud, crazy, fun...and then i got married.

    While i can still be inspired to be my old self like at a party or something, i feel so... boring...lol... and like sedate now when i'm out even with my family... i don't know if it's my husband quiet aura/nature that is rubbing off on me...

    but i do miss the old me.. (i'm 21 and he's 24 by the way).
  6. It's not bad that your priorities change. You have to think of the big picture in the long run. Would these friends be there when you have no $ and need their help? I'd personally rather save up than go out if I need to save $.
  7. I think you need to explain things to your friends and make an effort to do things with them that don't cost alot of money. Otherwise they'll just think your staying in only because of your relationship. I hate it when my female friends don't go out anymore because they're dating some body (and I'm in a long-term relationship). Then they invariably want to hang out when the relationship's over. I usually just dump friends like this, because they are unreliable. Of course in your case there is the money thing, but lots of things don't cost alot of money and you can always go out and have 1-2 drinks, that isn't much.
  8. My man and i were in a bit of the same rut when we were first togeather, but soon after we got back into the scene. We are both notorious party animals so we ussally get our friends in trouble .... You just have to go out , it's just a habit to be cozy at home or just out with your SO and no one else. It's fun to break the cycle and see your friends :smile:
  9. Things change and your friends need to adjust to that. I use to be a big party animal too, clubbin 4 times a week and wasting money like there's no tomorrow. I prefer staying at home now, have dinner and actually have a conversation with someone although I still like the occassional trips to the bars. I've explained this to my friends and they seem to understand.
  10. I used to be the same way too...going out all the time with friends, co-workers several times a week. Now I love relaxing with a glass of wine and great conversation with a good friend or other loved one.

    I have a serious BF now and we both like to go out but are also trying to see how domestic bliss would be with one another - we both like to cook together and are helping eachother with projects at our respective homes.

    Your girlfriends need to be supportive if they are true friends BUT you can't neglect them either just like in any relationship. If finances are tough you can just get together for a walk in a park, near a lake, visit art galleries, window shopping, or have people over for potluck and a DVD. There are many ways to get together with those close to you without spending a fortune. To your true friends it won't matter what the cost is. The TIME together is the important thing.
  11. if the reason is because of financial, and not because u rater spends time with ur man, i think u should explain to your friends, or invite them for a drink or dinner at ur place. u don't need a lot of cash for that, and u'll let ur friends know that u still love them :P
    and ask him to join you too, so ur friends know him and he know your friends.
    if u don't let them know, u might regret if they abandoned you once u're alone
  12. nah, its totally fine ;)
    plus, I wouldn't call changing your priorities being boring

    I may call someone who is a complete drag when you are trying to talk to them boring. But just because you aren't hanging out with them that often, is totally not boring. You should totally hang out with them at least once every 2 weeks/month ;)

    your friends will understand! LOL everyone has been in a relationship so they know how it goes
  13. I so feel you on this one.

    My boyfriend and I have been together over over 2 years now and I feel like we are the most boring people alive! Both of us use to be such "party animals," in fact, we actually met at a bar! hehe:graucho: .

    Now, we'll go out to a bar/club once or twice a week but only with ourselves and mainly to get some air and some alcohol (we are alcohol fiens:shame: ) Instead of clubs and bars everyday of the week, we are more into dressing up and going to a "fancy" restaurant for a meal or doing the "artsy" thing (i.e. tickets to watch opera/musical/play or visiting museums). Anytime we stay home, it's always "Blockbuster nights." :yucky: (I can't stand the T.V.)

    However, the more I see my close friends, getting into more serious and long-term relationships, the more I see them going down the same path. I don't know if it's a good sign or bad...:shrugs:
  14. its not being boring, i guess, you now just growing up(getting more matured)...your priorities have just changed, so what.. thats great and sooo normal, if your friends wouldnt understand that, they are not the real ones..
    even if you are mountains and oceans away:graucho: , friends are real friends even if they dont see each other..its not about seeing each other often... and enjoying each other's company, but its when you need them, they are there to understand you and support you all the way... :smile: but dont let your life evolve around only with your man. coz HEY there's always a word what if(s) IMO ;) ...