when do u use ur med classic flap?

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  1. just bought two med flaps:yahoo: They are small but I just love them...Now i wonder, when do u guys use ur med flap, work, weekend, nite out?
  2. weekend and night out
  3. Since it doesn't hold much and mine is black lambskin I use it for nights out only. I am currently on the hunt for a jumbo caviar flap for everyday.
  4. I used mine today to run errands. I just wish it was slightly bigger.
  5. i us it anytime besides work. i work in a dental office so it's disgustingly dirty.
  6. Mine goes everywhere :heart:
  7. Evening and weekends--I like to haul too much stuff around during the day!
  8. I use it all the time.. day and night.. i dont think they're small..i love the size!! Im yet to try the jumbo!!