When do the Summer Sales start? Let's keep eachother updated for pre-sale dates.

  1. Is it just me or when late April, early May, starts to roll around do you start feeling like it is time to stop buying the Spring 2007 items that may, mid-June be on sale? Even though you see a pair of shoes you want, or a handbag, do you think... huh... can I get this half off in a month? Will someone else see my new dress in a month and think that I spent $500 instead of $1000?

    When do these miraculous sales actually start? Has anyone gotten a date from their SA for Chanel, Gucci, for Neimans, Saks and others? (Mine don't know the date yet.) Don't they know we need some time in advance to plan our approach, scout out the things we are going to win the tug-of-war for?

    Anyone have their eyes on anything in particular?
    As soon as anyone heres anything about when the pre-sales begin, share the news. Chances are we won't be competing with each other, as we live on one side of the country or another.

    And for the international girls: When do the sales in Paris start? Elsewhere?