When do the Paris summer sales begin?

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  1. Any chance Chloes will be on sale?
  2. last week on june
  3. Can someone elaborate on the Paris Summer sale?

    Is this an event that goes on every year? Who are participating in the sales? Thanks!! Maybe I will coordinate my visit to Paris next year with the sales
  4. I have heard that the sales in Paris are announced in the paper six to eight weeks before they begin. They should be announced now, as they are normally the end of July/beginning of August. Sales in Paris are regulated by the government, or Minister of Finance, which means that the state sets the date and then all the stores go on sale at that time.
  5. That would be a great time to be in Paris :smile:
  6. This year, summer sales start on June 28

    Eire is correct! Paris local goverment decides when to have sales, the starting date for summer sale can be as early as the second week of June or as late as first week of July, but they always start on Wednesdays though.:yes: