When do the managers come back from Paris, and>

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  1. ...is it too pushy to bother them yet with inquiries about whether requests are in prospect? I have been waiting a long time and am starting to feel like the black birkin and black kelly are never going to materialize. I know, I need to chill.
  2. I think some of the managers are already back from Podium. As for asking about request status, if you're concerned about bothering the manager, ask your SA first. I think sometimes you do need to be a bit persistent. I think it's a good way to stay on their radar.
  3. Some are back and some extend their stay and take vacation from what I hear.

    Just put in a call...why not? It can't hurt and you are the customer. Let us know how it turns out for you.
  4. Mine comes back tomorrow....:graucho:
  5. I know when the manager at my store comes back...it takes her about a week to get everything together...then they have a meeting with leather updates, what is new, what is being discontinued....and what orders were accepted or changed, etc
  6. Yes, I meant, to call SA. I suppose I can leave message on her voice mail, that way I am not interrupting her on the floor.
  7. no just call them! don't be afraid! do it! you are making me want to call mine to see what the DL is. see if my order was accepted
  8. By the end of the month we all will be calling and reporting back here!
  9. good thing Feb is a short month!
  10. My SA informed me right before the Mgr left for Paris in the end of Jan that I will get confirmation "Sometime" in April. It feels like it's a long time and I tried my best to not call and badger. I will call though..if I dont hear any news by the end of April.

    And on my SA or Mgr on the other H Boutique for my other SO, she's supposed to come back in 2 weeks. I think I will call her by 1st week of March.

    Let's see. Sometimes its worth the wait..but it "does" kills!!!!:cursing:
  11. i wanna know the new colors and discontinued colors. my store's manager doesn't get back til later this week. he called while i was hanging in the H store and when my SA told him i said hello, he said he ordered lots of box kellys :biggrin:
  12. Man I would love to see what any pink birkin or kelly looked like in person!!!
  13. I haven't had the guts to ask my store manager about the Feb podium ... I suspect alot of customers would be doing that and I don't want to frustrate her with more questions at this stage .... I will try my best to delay asking her, and boy is it difficult.
  14. My Mgr was supposed to be back today. I am now dying to hear.
  15. I called my SA today and inquire about some NON-Birkin items ie...Ties, Bracelet in feline designs. My SA informed me my inquiries and before I hung up..(WITHOUT mentioning any Birkin SO or whatever) I was told..I will call you as soon as I know about your SO. I did'nt say anything but a simple Thank you.
    I hung up and....smiled!! :smile: