When do the GH coin purses arrive (best guess)?

  1. Thanks for any info or guesses!

    Yep, I'm a tad obsessed w/ the little cuties ;)
  2. Doesn't anybody know?
  3. You aren't the only one who wants to know! Although, I'm kind of scared because I'm short on money and I know that I will want one when they do arrive.
  4. I know they are doing it for the Holiday line which should be out sometime in September/October. Although, I did see an OCEAN coin purse with GH...so perhaps it's on it's way along with the main collection colors.

    They are too cute! :nuts:
  5. When I spoke to BalNY on monday they told me end of August.
  6. That sounds divine! I want to call about this, but am a little shy.

    Does anyone have any updates on the GH coins?
  7. So close but yet so far... :crybaby:This is putting way to much stress on my poor coin purse-loving heart.