When do the Fall 08' Bags arrive in stores? Strategies for best selection?

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  1. Does anyone know or remember when Fall 07 bags arrived at specific stores last year? Neimans, Nordstrom, Saks?

    The Soft Calf bags (with the exception of the Mercer line..those are still on the shelves) tend to sell out quickly in my area. Any strategies to share? I'd love to be able to select right when they first come out.
  2. from what i've been told the fall 08 bags should start trickling into stores around the end of july. do you have an established relationship with an sa? if so, that should give you an advantage as the shipments comes in. they'll be more willing to call you with updates, hold items for you, and alert you on when it's time to come down for first pickings. it's still quite a ways away though, but good luck!
  3. Thanks tadpolenyc,

    Darn it-that's a long ways off! I have one SA, but I'll have to make friends with a few others. Do you know when the new lines and colors are anounced and released on the MJ Website?