When do spring collections go on sale at Saks, NM, etc?

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  1. I have my eye on an Akris suit and I would hate to see it on sale 2 weeks after I buy it
  2. Don't spring collections go on sale generally in July?
  3. That late? I thought they start stocking the pre-fall collections by July. I had this impression that first sale on spring is either April or May, but I am not sure.
  4. I thought they began marking stuff down in april and marked it down further in may...
  5. ^^ pghandbag, that's my impression as well. I am planning to buy this suit in 2 weeks, but if the sales are happening in April, then I will wait the 2 extra weeks out, of course.

    Can some one confirm about April?
  6. Do you have an SA? Why not ask her? Mine always let me know in advance so I can prebuy for the sales.
  7. Its usually around June.
  8. Yeah I do have an SA that I work pretty closely with. The problem is that I want to buy this suit from their website because I have a coupon code and there's also the 3% from ******...