When do second cuts usually occur?

  1. I'm most interested in knowing about when the second cut occcurs for Neiman Marcus, but any other info on BG, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Barneys, NAP, or any other retailer would be great as well!

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Someone in another thread said the second cut for NM happened on christmas eve. Be careful though because its a long time between now and then and your beloved item might be gone if you wait too long !
  3. xmas eve sounds correct. the first round of cuts were generally unimpressive. hopefully your item will still be around by the time the 2nd cut rolls in.
  4. Nah...nothing starts around Xmas eve...the PRESALE starts about 1 week b4 xmas. I know saks 2nd cut is always consistent. It's the day after xmas from 8am-12pm they have additional 50% off...which drops to additional 40% off after 12pm. If you get a super nice sales rep they will honor the 50% even after 12 but you gotta really know them...

    One thing I need to know is..........when is Barney's 2nd cut? This past summer they followed saks footsteps and cut on the same day...but..
  5. I thought there are 3 cuts: First Cut, Second Cut, Final Cut (Last Call).

    My recollection of last year is this sequence of price slashing.

    I'm kinda thinking, hoping another slash comes one week before Christmas?
  6. Wow ! Does this apply online as well ?
  7. well for NM it's different perhaps.........they do the 3cut thing..yeah my bad. But for all other dept stores there are 2 cuts and that's it. and online and B&M store sales occur at the same time UNLESS u get a presale link (if ur preferred customer) for the dept store in question....
  8. Nordstrom started yesterday in store and online for designer items - now 60% off
  9. Thanks for that ! Will have a nosey now
  10. Is anyone going through the sale items and adding the ones they like to their wishlist/basket so they can track them on the sale day ?
  11. barneys already started. i went there 2 days ago and they already reduced prices. i got a phillip lim coat for $200. online it is sitll $400 though
  12. Was the 2nd cut 50% off existing sale items ?
  13. Note to self: do this at work on tuesday. :p
  14. This sounds exciting...
  15. Post card came today. Neiman Marcus extra 25% to 30% off already reduced prices starts 12/26!