When do most people pay?

  1. I'm new to selling on eBay and list 4 handbags I no longer use. All of them sold. I had two people pay right away and two people that haven't paid. It only ended 24 hours ago but find it weird that somene bid on it at the last second and didn't just follow the link to PayPal. Both bid at the last minute and have low feedback (0 and 2). I have sent them an invoice but not even an e-mail.

    When do most people (who actually plan on paying) pay? Do most do it immediately?

    I know I'm probably getting workd up over nothing but would appreciate any insight.
  2. mmmm most people do pay immediately. I hope that you haven't had some non paying bidders this is happening more & more on eBay. People with low feedback don't care about their accounts as they have little to protect. However, we were all new once, give them the benefit of the doubt for a few days. If you haven't had contact witin 7 days then you can file a dispute with eBay you will get your final value fees back & unfortunately you will have to relist.
  3. Within 3 days. Sometimes within 5 ... or never....
  4. I would send them a friendly reminder if there's been no payment after 3 days.
  5. I would say around 25% of my buyers take up to a week to pay - the other 75% usually pay the night that they win it. There could be all sorts of reasons for this, so I try to send an invoice on the night they won, a follow up reminder on the 5th day, and if by the 8th day they haven't paid, I would file an Unpaid Item Dispute. This would either make them pay or you can get your final value fees back.

    Do you offer Money orders as a form of payment? Sometimes I find that people send me these without 'checking out' on ebay, and these usually take around 7 days to come through.

    Hope it works out for you!
  6. Some of my buyers do wait until the last day (7th) to pay. I think they have planned on using money that's not immediately available to fund their purchases, i.e. waiting for their own ebay items to sell. Or they could be waiting for a monthly credit card cycle closing day to pass. Since ebay gives them 7 days, it's within their rights to do so.

    Most others pay either immidiately or within the next day.

    I'd say if the buyer has good feedback, there's nothing to worry about. However in your case it can certainly be a non-paying bidder, but even then there is very little you can do but wait out that 7 day period. I would send out a reminder email on the 3rd day and a final warning stating future dispute on the 6th day.
  7. I usually pay as soon as I get notice that I've won.
  8. I usually buy items with BIN or at the end of auction- then I pay right away. Now that I started selling- I've listed my bags with BIN- probably half of my sales don't pay right away- (:yes: all of my tpf customers pay immediately). so I just started listing my BIN with immediate pay with paypal required- I'll see how that goes.:smile: So far I've had great customers and "met" some very nice ladies
  9. well... sometimes when the bid is placed within the last few seconds, the bidder could've used a sniping service that automatically places their highest bid for them (if it isn't high enough, then a bid will not be placed)... but if they're relatively new to ebay, then i don't know if that's the case or if they're just waiting for more money to come in so they can pay... could be other reasons too?

    ebay gives you 7 days before you can file NPB... i usually pay within a day after the auction, but i always communicate with the seller if it is going to take me longer than that. i don't sell on ebay often, but the few times that i did, all of them paid within 24 hours and 1 never paid at all.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I know there could be a legitimate reason but if I'm dealing with newbies that bid at the and of the auction so I'm guessing they didn't know about sniping. I would think they would just check out. When makes be even more nervous is one of them bid on and won another bag after mine that is the same brand and style, just a different size.

    Its been three days and no messages or payment. I already sent them an invoice within a few hours of the auction ending.

    I'm going send a reminder e-mail today and see if I get any response. I'll let everyone know how it goes...
  11. I find that most pay within the first hour or so or they take up to 5 days. Usually the ones that are going to take longer send me an email though, if they are serious. You can state in your auction what you expect so that people know...that way if you don't receive payment within the time you specify, you have the right to relist...
  12. As a buyer, I usually pay right away, but if I can't, I'll send the seller a message to let them know when I will be sending payment.

    On things that I've sold, 99% of people pay right away, the others within 3 days. If you want to set a limit on how long you will wait, it's a good idea to state something in your auction about when you expect to receive payment.
  13. that drives me nuts too! absolutely nuts!


    anyhow, ebay does give people 7 days to pay. you have to wait it out! sorry!
  14. People can use sniping programs, too, so last-10-second bidding doesn't matter really.

    Most of my buyers pay immediately, before I've even noticed it sold. *shrug*
  15. usually i paid withing 1-3 days.
    but if i can't do it in 1-3 days, i would e mail the seller and tell them about my plan on paying.