When do MJ boutiques have sales?

  1. Is there a certain time of year that they have sales? i think they have the best selection but the full price is killing me.
  2. It is very rare for a MJ boutique to have a sale... even then it's only a couple bags that are several seasons (or years) old. On the other hand, when they put something on sale the price is amazing! I know several of us PFers were able to get Selmas for $200 each (reg $1100+) back in December.
  3. ^ Adding to what Melly said.

    Marc Jacobs boutiques hold seasonal sales on clothings and shoes. Their bags generally never go on sale; past season items (if still available in stores) are still full price. Stores send items that they no longer keep to some location rather than having sales to clear out their inventories like non-MJ stores.

    There are times where certain older (and not-so-successful) styles get sent to a particular/chosen store for incredibly big markdowns. Here are some of their recent bag sale:
    1) 12/2006: Fall/Winter 2005's Selma styles (small, large, tote) for $200US each at NY and SF stores
    2) 6/2006: Resort 2004's Wonder & Cinched Tote for $150USD each at NY store
    3) 5/2006: 70% selected lines at Boston store
    Spring 2006's SOFT CALF CLASSICS (Tina & Flap Bag only), MILITARY, SIXTIES, URSULA (Lee only), GABARDINE, ABELYN lines
    4) ...
  4. wow, when the slash prices, they really slash prices!
  5. I got my tote from the MJ Boston sale. That was the best deal I've gotten ever.
  6. They really do have great sales, but usually, there's no advance notice, at least barely! We have to rely on girls who have visited the store that day.
  7. Basic colors're most likely not included in the sale.
    Sale bags included Wonder in Spearmint, Selma in Lavendar/Teal/Taupe, etc.