When do i start the pill if i'm getting off depo?!

  1. I've decided that it's time to stop using depo for a little bit and try something new. I've had good results and i love the no periods; but in the last half year i've been getting breakouts and not just normal pimples...these are big huge under the skin stays there for weeks kind of pimples and my doctor suspects its the depo. So i'm going to try yaz...my doctor wrote me the prescription for yaz 2 months ago and told me fill it whenever i wanted. But now i have no idea when im suppose to start the pill as i dont have a period; i asked my doctor and she told me SHE THINKS i can start when it is the last day of when i should be getting my new depo shot. I'm just wondering has anyone gone through this? Should i just wait until i get a period...but i have no idea when that'll be. I' dont need to be on birth control right now...but i cant wait forever.
    Any advice? Any past experience?!
  2. I'm not totally sure on this as it was a few years ago, but I changed from Depo to a pill, and I seem to remember I made a nurse appointment when I was due the next injection. I told her I wanted to come off it and got the prescription for the pills that day, and started them immediately.

    Really though your doctor should be able to give you a definite answer! :wtf:
  3. My doctor does not know for sure. She said to start on my last day...but she said she could be wrong. She needs to call another doctor, but i haven't heard back from her.
    Hahaha...great doctor huh!:yahoo: