When do fall lines come out?

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  1. I'm obsessed with Hayden-Harnett and am open to becoming obsessed with another line!! When can I expect to see the new fall lines? Thanks!
  2. i was just in lunaboston and they HAVE RECEIVED the HH fall 'style sheets' - i think the sheets give a preview of the line, and are how they decide what they are going to order for the store... unfortunately they did not have them in the store for me to look at - i think they were with the store owner somewhere, but the SA's had looked at them... HH said they would post preview pics on myspace but so far they have only posted one and there is no bag in the pic - it's more of a clothing/inspiration shot.

    i'll ask again next time i'm in there - anyone else have a local retailer they can ask?
    HH fall.jpg