when do CL's go on sale this summer?

  1. i'm planning to go on a shopping trip to NY during the summer sales..when is the best time to go?
  2. Spring/Summer sales generally start the last few weeks of June, but each store is different so your best bet is to wait until July 4th weekend when the sales have generally already started everywhere.
    Most cruise merchandise goes on sale at boutiques/specialty stores a bit earlier (May/June) but considering the limited selection, it is best to wait for the spring/summer merch to get marked down.
  3. You also might cultivating relationships with SA's at the stores you are most interested in so they can look out for items in which you might have an interest. Keep in mind that there is no sales tax if you have items shipped to an address outside of New York. This can help reduce the amount of luggage you have to carry plus can give you a few $ savings.
  4. i got my first 4 pairs of CLs the first 3 weeks of June. Purchased from Barneys & Saks.
  5. Mid June are when the sales start.
  6. does anyone live in Hong Kong who might also be able to answer the same question?? Lane Crawford CL's never seem to be on sale when they're having their own massive summer shoe sale (whilst other designer shoes are)!