When do BR bags go on sale?

  1. Does anyone know?
  2. Banana Republic?
    I'd guess at the end of each season w/ the clothing{?}
    I'd call and ask.
  3. Thanks- I want to buy a handbag!
  4. I'd call for sure. If they don't do a Spring handbag line, then a Summer . . . they may not go on sale until the end of the summer!
  5. ooo, I can't wait till they go on sale I really want a brown hobo too!
  6. buy it online when they're offering the 15% off.. they usually do that a lot
  7. I've been waiting for the bags to go on sale for so long!!! I really love their bags! I think I'm going to go there this morning and buy my mom a bag for her bday
  8. BR is taking a little longer lately to put things on sale. Keep checking the website & sign up for their mailing list. I get coupons in the mail for 20% and 25% off all the time.
  9. I'm thinking end of the season too. This is the first year they've actually had really nice bags so they may wait a bit to put them on sale. I would keep checking though.
  10. I'd sign up for their email list- they'll probably send you info on sales and exclusive discounts.
  11. ahha~ signed up~
  12. exactly. i have a gift certificate Im DYING to use. but i refuse to pay those retail prices. patience is virtue.
  13. Have you checked ebay?
  14. Well- I did go to Banana Republic and wound up getting the cutest keychain/bag charm- it's so pretty. It's silver with tons of hanging hearts- got one for me (of course-lol) and for my mom. I ended up getting her a Coach off-white leather long wallet (with the checkbook holder). I was so desperate to get something-last minute shopper here!- it cost over $200.00 for the wallet- I was cringing because I know it will be at the outlet soon! But- oh well!

    I will hold out for the BR bags for now and wait for the sale- it's taking forever for them to go on sale! When I went into the BR store the SA immediately said, " Our bags are made from the same place as Coach is"- I thought that made her sound like BR was desparate to promote their bags! I would not have said that if I was trying to sell the bag unless something was said to make it come up.
  15. I think you'll have better luck stopping by a BR store periodically and checking for sale bags than online. Last year I STALKED a Bloomsbury bag online waiting for it to go on sale and it never did...it sold out beforehand! But I managed to get one on eBay later which was just a sale bag from a store with an ebay seller's markup. If only there was a BR store close to me!