When did your obsession with coach begin?

  1. hmm im sorry if they already have a thread like this but im just curious to know..

    well i just started in august and im 14..i have 3 bagss
    planning to get a card 4 christmas so that i can start collecting more !
  2. i never really got into handbags until college... so when I was 18-19.
  3. My Coach obsession started when I saw a woman carrying a black/white signature soft duffle a couple of years ago. I needed a mid-sized cross-body bag and hadn't had much luck finding anything. I didn't know anything about Coach but I did some digging around on the internet until I found it. Then I managed to get the same bag but in bordeaux suede a few months later at a consignment store...it was so gorgeous and well-made that I was hooked. Now I'm completely obsessed with and addicted to Coach!
  4. hmm I first started becoming obsessed with handbags in general, like when a lady came into the room, I would automatically look down to see what bag she was carrying, and then I started my own collection. Now im addicted!! So probably when I turned 15 or something..
  5. The anniversary legacy line started it for me. Before that, I could care less for Coach bags. HOWEVER, I love that legacy leather and the stripes!
  6. Last spring. I saw a bag someone had and it was on from then, still very careful as we know tons of fakes out there:nuts:
  7. hehe cool im totally hoping to get a gift card 4 xmas =]
  8. Hm. May, I think. I won $5,555 on Mother's Day at a casino. I had seen the scribbles hobo in Macy's/Marshall Fields, and wanted it. My bf at the time told me it would get dirty so I shouldn't get it, blah blah. Then my dog died and when I was at the humane society I saw a girl with the hobo and decided I NEEDED it. I had been obsessed with bags until then, but couldn't ever afford a $200 purse :P
  9. awww......
  10. Believe it or not...my obsession with Coach began earlier this year.
  11. honestly, it started with my scribble tote that my ex bought me.
    and then i decided that i couldn't carry it anymore (too many memories associated with it)- so i bought the carryall and continued with coach.
    so, considering my love started with my OWN purchase in august...i'm doing well. 6 bags (2 may go back) and a slew of accessories.
  12. Mine started when I was about 17... my ex bought me my first after I wouldn't stop whining about it... now that purse is my "crap purse" the suede on the bottom is ruined and I carry it anywhere that I think my bag might get dirty. It's been everywhere... the barn... the mall... a puddle in a parking lot... LOL! All of my others I baby like crazy and hardly carry. Lol. But yea, about 17. *shrug*
  13. cool...

    COACH is good 4 the soul =]
  14. coach shopping is therapy :smile:
  15. After starting my job at Nordstrom.. so around 19 :yes: