When did your baby started to eat solid foods?

  1. When did your baby started to eat solid foods? Because I cannot remember at all when did my first baby ate her first solid foods? And what to prepare for her if she eats solid foods already?? I need help! Thanks!
  2. They usually recommend rice cereal no earlier than 4 months and only if your child is taking in enough formula and has gained a good amt. of weight.

    Pediatricians usually have a philosophy about solid foods so you should check with your's. The course is usually to stay with one food for a week to check with allergies then introduce a new food for a week and so on and so on. Some Drs. recommend starting with veggies, other with fruits, some say to start with 1's others with 2's.

    You should probably check with your doctor to see what course he wants you to proceed with for your child.

    Good luck!
  3. A lot of people start solid foods at around 6 months, starting off with the typical rice cereal and going from there. I am choosing to delay solids with my daughter until maybe around 8 months or a year and then after that will make my own baby food that is much healthier and rich in vitamins than plain ole rice cereal.
  4. I tried to wait on the solid foods, but DD got so antsy watching us eat. Eventually (about 3 days shy of 4 months) she swiped some mashed potatoes off my plate and has been demanding solids since. A tip my doctor gave me is to look at her poop. If it gradually transitions to solid, then she's digesting the food properly. If it makes her constipated, it's too early. When you do start solid foods, do it for 2-3 days, then wait 2-3 days to see how she reacts to it. It took my baby about 5-6 weeks to transition to "big girl poop." :p
  5. I started both my kids on solids at 4 months, but the new recommendation (American Academy of Pediatrics) is to wait until 6 months as this seems to delay the onset of allergies. You should ask for your pediatrician's advise but generally you start with single foods (rice cereal then vegetables then fruits/meats) to look out for allergies and go from there. Good luck!
  6. 6 months is the rule of thumb.
    We tried veggies first since obviously most people prefer sweet flavors, didn't want to do htem in at 6 months!
    Start w/ one and feed only that one for 3 days before starting the next, this way you'll know if there's an allergy.
  7. my baby started rice cereal at 4 months per MD advice. he's now on gerber veggies # 1.
  8. i started weaning both my children at 4 1/2 months old with commercial baby rice powder.
  9. I first tried around 5 months although the new recommendation is 6 months. My daughter didnt start eating well until around 10 months when I started giving her table food-She hated all babyfood. If I have another baby down the road I'm skipping baby food & will just blend up whatever we eat.
  10. My pediatrician said at 4 months. At first he hated it, he screamed bloody murder whenever i tried, but don't be discouraged, it takes about a full week, 2x a day before they are no longer acting like they are being tortured !!!
    They will grow to love their veggies !!!!!!
  11. I recently took baby boy to the doctor for his 4 month well checkup and he said it was time to put him on rice cereal. And if he's doing good, which I know he will, we'll get the go ahead to strating transitioning him to solids at 6 months. Already when I eat I notice he looks at my food as if he wants to eat it.
  12. My situation was a little different~ My son was starving. He was on soy due to lactose intolerance and at 2 months he was starving. We HAD to start him on cereal at that time. I was very fortunate to have my BF at my house (NICU NURSE) and she told me he was starving. She immediately helped me figure out how to give a 2 month old cereal (i.e., cheap bottles w/ the niple sliced into a little x). This was the weekend and my peditrician was not in. My son slept through the night for the 1st time and was actually happy. I of course took him into the DR. 1st thing that MON. to discuss it w/ the DR. The DR. was very appreciative that my BF was able to help and he concurred that it was OK to give my son cereal. Once again~ different situation...but right on for my son.
  13. I started my son on cereal between 3 and 4 months. Moving into the gerber foods or veggies that I prepared at home and then sent through the blender mixing in a little formula and cereal for extra nutrition. He started chewing on grilled chicken when he was about 10 months and was completely on table foods before 1 year. We started him on veggies first and did not introduce fruits or cookies (vanilla waffers or soda crackers) until later, because you want to develop the taste for veggies first. We did give him a lot of frozen waffles for teething. I also was very paranoyd about allergies because I have so many. He thankfully has none. BUT we did not give him berries or fish until he was two and he will not have honey until he is 3. Other than that he will eat anything except for chocolate (fine with me). My husband tried to give him a bite from a brownie the other day and he screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" ran upstairs and hid under his crib. No chocolate for him :smile:
  14. My DD started with rice cereal and some mushed banana at 4 months and change
  15. 6 months, I think.