When did your baby reach the sitting up milestone?

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  1. So I've read in the baby books that babies can sit up with a little help and have steady control of their necks around the 6 month mark. My little one can sit up for short periods of time with help but his head is still wobbly. The doctor said his head is on the little big side for his body.

    So my question is, when was your baby able to sit up and be able to hold up their heads without wobbling? TIA! :yes:
  2. My son was 14 months when he first sat up and he also had good head control. He was born premature, so, he was really way behind on his development.
  3. 5MO with help, later part of 6MO on his own.
  4. Oh my son was a month early as well, with a low birth weight!
  5. Hi Jen,

    I think my son is a few weeks younger than your's and he is still having trouble sitting up but can crawl!!!

    My first born was sitting up by now but not crawling so I guess each child is very different.

    Love Nicky's newest picture!!!!
  6. We used the bumbo chair starting at around 3-4 months to help strengthen DD's posture, and she loved it. At that point she could hold up her head well, but couldn't sit up on her own.

    ETA: That pic was taken a week shy of her 4 month mark.
  7. my twin girls were sitting up securely by 7 months, at 6 months it was still wobbly heads and being propped up.
  8. Thank you!!! Aww he can crawl already? Our little one has yet to do that hehe.:lol:
  9. We have a bumbo too! But when I put him in it, he leans forward!!! I guess he is not ready for it just yet.

    Your daughter is so cute in her pink bumbo!!!!:love:
  10. I dont remember to be honest 5 months maybe? She began crawling at 6 months.
  11. Ok, came home today and little boy is sitting up all by himself, I am sooo amazed. My parents also said he pulled himself to a standing position in the play yard so we have to drop that too and I guess the crib.

    So, I guess I can say 7 months and a few days.
  12. Wow, I feel like my son is behind. He's 10 months tomorrow and he can sit up by himself, but he can't pull himself up or put himself in the position unless I put him there. Is that bad?
  13. Noooooo, don't push it!!!

    before you know it, he'll be walking and running.....then you'll be sorry!!!! LOL

    make him take his time!!!!! i am telling you! :yes::heart:;)

    my DD started walking on her 1st birthday (right in the middle of her birthday party!) --- now i can't get her to sit down! :upsidedown:
  14. ^^Seriously, right? babies are soooo much easier to manage when they arent mobile, lol
  15. my full term chubby kids were a good 8 months before they could do it.
    This was bad for me because they all outgrew their infant car seat carriers @ 5 months so going to a restaurant was brutal.
    They couldn't sit in a car seat and they could sit in a high chair :Push: