When did your babies start sleeping through the night?

Sep 25, 2007
Hi yummy mommies, just wondering when did your babies start sleeping throught the night without waking up at all?

My DS used to sleep throught the night from the age of 3 months to 6 months, I thought I was the luckiest in the world and that's what people had been telling me. Then he slowly got worse, started crying a little bit 2-3 nights a week, still not too bad. I used to give him some milk and he would go back to sleep.

DS goes to sleep with a pacifier when he started teething and when he realizes he's lost his pacifier at night he cries too.

Anyway, he is a terrible sleeper now @ the age of 15 months! For the last 3 nights he woke up at 1am and stayed up for 1-2 hrs, he just wanted to play...:hrmm: My MIL told me my DH was the same excpet he used to wake up at 5am.
I hate being woken up in the middle of my sleep (and good luck on waking me up!) so I just stay up and waiting for him to have a mid-night play time lol. He gets up at 7am so my sleeping time is about 4-6 hrs/day (I love sleepng, I used to be able to sleep up to 12hrs...), 1hr nap if I'm lucky. DH and I are feeling so restless and cranky right now. I probably look like a zombie.

A little bit off the topic, my sister-in-law doesn't let her kids nap during the day, (the boys are 4 and 2) and they go to sleep at 6:30pm... Is this normal? Seems a bit cruel to me, like she wants doesn't wanna deal with them at night. Is this why her kids sleep throught the night?

Sorry I had to vent... and trying not to fall asleep while I'm typing this.
Can someone please tell me how much longer do I have to do this for? I am so moody and irratated now.:Push:


May 5, 2006
I'm sorry you're going through this.

My 9ms DS started to sleep through the nite 3 days ago without midnight feed, but yesterday he woke up for milk.:shocked: Hoping he doesn't wake up tonite!

May I ask how many times does your little one nap during the day? how long? I've seen somewhere that suggests kids under 3 yrs should have a nap.

When your little one wakes up during the nite, have you try leave him alone? meaning no playing, talking, eye-contact? IMO, the more you give attention, the more they'll want to play with you.

Jun 13, 2006
I was lucky,I got a baby whisperer in for my 3 Dd's And they all slept thru from 9 wks.....And they where breast fead...;)


Oct 26, 2006
with the teething twins!
Yeah I was wondering when they start sleeping through the night, too so thank you for starting the thread.

The thing is I'm not even really sure what "sleeping through the night" means. Bear with me; I realize this sounds odd but my 9-week old twins sleep in 4 hour increments during the night. So, for example we have a 10 o'clock feeding followed by one at 2 a.m. and then again at 6 a.m. They sleep in between with relatively few problems although they usually wake up right on the dot every 4 hours to eat. If they don't, then I wake them up. So, theoretically, I get at leat 6 hrs/night which for me is pretty much normal... but they don't sleep ALL night long.

(If none of the above makes sense, then maybe I AM sleep deprived after all!)


May 26, 2007
Both mine were 2 months when they went through the night then they both started waking at 6 months as they were getting hungrier an needed to start food.
There is nothing worse than sleep deprevasion and it can be really tough, you need to be strong with the child i know people who have been up for hours in the night. We are lucky in my family my neice is a good sleeper too.

If you don't let them sleep sometimes they get over tired an this is worse.

Is he hungry??


Jan 12, 2006
5 hours straight is considered 'through the night'.
I think around 3-4 months some babies do this but closer to 5-6 months for a lot of babies.
If your's is 15 mos old sounds like he's playing you, especially if he was once a good sleeper.
If you know he's dry, fed and not in pain {teething, etc. . . } I'd try and let him start self-soothing himself.
I'm not a CIO {cry it out} advocate usually, but at 15 months it wouldn't hurt to try a CIO method.

Tell us exactly when you put him down at night, what his wake up time in teh am is and his naps times.

And yes, I think it's cruel to keep a 2 yr old from napping just so a Mommy can get more sleep at night. *If* a 2 year old is giving up his own naps for a few weeks in a row, then I guess dropping a nap works for him than fine. but to deliberately not put him down so teh MOm can indulge is really self centered.

Emma, sounds like your babies are doing well!

BTW, I wholeheartedly recommend Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby HSHHB to any parent of young ones!!!!
6 weeks for the first and weeks for the 2nd. Once I started giving them a bottle, instead of the boob, they slept longer. Also, I used the "miracle blanket" to swaddle them and it really helped them get more sleep. I don't think my kids are the norm though, they really like to sleep.


Sep 11, 2006
West Coast
My dear son started sleeping through the night 7:30 to 6:00 at 6 months but we let him cry it out for three nights. The thirs night he cried fro 10 minute and that was it. He is 14 months now and sleeping 7:30-7:00 with 1.5 hour nap during the day.

i will share what my doctor said after 6 months most babies do not need to be fed, so you ahev to stop the nighttime feedings. It worked for us. He will cry at times but mostly around incoming teeth.

Good luck and let him CIO out he doesn't need you.
Jan 1, 2007
vancouver BC
my son was a horrible sleeper before. would sleep in increment of 2 hours or so up until he was 5 months old or so. then he moved onto every 3 hours. i finally broke down and tried the healthy sleep habits happy baby book, but it didnt improve it as much as i wouldve liked, plus, i didnt like him crying to bed so i resorted to hiring a sleep trainer. what a wonder that was! now he goes to bed at 715, wakes up at 10pm for a breastfeed, and then sleeps until 630 or 7 am. he is currently 7 months old.
Sep 25, 2007
Thanks for your input everyone, I really appreciate it.

DS goes to sleep at between 7.30pm-8pm (mid-night wake up time is usually around 12-1) and wakes up at between 6.30am-7am. He naps once during the day and it's normally between 11am-1.30pm.

I have tried to have him to cry it out but I don't think it works for him. He can cry for half an hour straight and it gets worse and worse that he screams, caughs that's when I had to stop and he ends up being wide awake...

He hasn't woken up for playing for the last 2 nights, but he still cries a bit. DH and I had to give him a pacifier every 2 hrs to calm him down. We don't give him much attention anymore just turn on some baby soothing music for him.

I don't think he's hungry coz he shouldn't need a mid-night feed at this age plus I give him a bottle before he goes to sleep. It's not his diaper either, he never cries because of that, he's one of the babies who's ok with a full diaper I guess. He's teething and I don't know if he wakes up because of that tho... it could be it or maybe sometimes he's in a bad sleeping poistion?

DS wasn't a good sleeper when he was a newborn, maybe coz he was hungry but I still had time for naps during the day and now with him being on his way to the "terrible 2s", I don't have time for anything...

BTW your twins are soooooo cute emmalawyer, I prayed for twins when I was pregnant but it didn't happen. It must be fun seeing two same aged babies growing up together. :love:

Good luck to all the moms who's going through the same.:dothewave:


Apr 8, 2006
my youngest is 6 months and he has been sleeping through the night for about 2 months now, and by that I mean having a bottle around 11pm waking up at around 7:30 am and then going back to sleep until around 9am. It's great.


Feb 27, 2006
Perrysburg, OH
Tess has been sleeping at in a 12 hour chunk with one wake up for a few weeks now. Last night she slept from 7-6 straight through. The only reason she woke up was our checking on her to make sure she was ok! She was 8 weeks old yesterday and is breastfed.