When did you start wearing make up?

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  1. 13, just lipstick then eyeshadow and masacra. 16 i started to wear foundation, blusher and now everything!
  2. I guess I started wearing mascara and liplgloss when I was about 12 then from about the age of 14/15 I started wearing full makeup.
  3. when I was a kid, i use to try on my mom's lipstick and stuff.

    but I didnt start wearing makeup until I was 11, and that was because I was a ballet dancer and on stage alot (does that count)

    personally, I didn't start wearing makeup on casual days until I was about 15. But makeup has always been a part of me, one way or the other...
  4. 15 i think... but not much!
  5. Same here I only wear makeup for special occasions or if I'm going out. In my culture kids who wear make at a young age are consider fast and then if u wear a lot of make up your face will age much quicker.
  6. I started wearing brown mascara and spot cover up in middle school that was about it until high school. then I started to wear black mascara, a soft black eyeliner, and a really light brown eyeshadow and spot cover up only when I felt like though
  7. Everyday- around 13 probably. But I wore it much earlier than that for dance competitions. I think that you tend to start wearing daily make-up earlier if you wore for dancing or something at an early age.
  8. OMG I've been wearing makeup forever :sweatdrop:! There's pics of me wearing full makeup with red lipstick as a 4 year old (I had older sisters lol) and I had to wear blush, lipstick and mascara for ballet recitals.

    Also, my mom sold Mary Kay for awhile so we ALWAYS had tons makeup in the house and my mom certainly wasn't opposed to it. When I turned either 11 or 12 she started giving me makeup instead of an allowance... I was allowed to go into her "Mary Kay closet" and pick out one thing each week and the only rule was that I had to look wholesome. She said if I made myself look like a tart she'd take it away :lol:

    I remember when I started HS, my mom took me to the Estee Lauder counter at the mall and she bought me a face wash, concealer and powder, which came with a huge free gift (mascara, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes). She said she wanted me to have "good makeup" and learn how to apply it correctly and according to her Estee Lauder was the best. It's probably one of my all time favorite memories :amuse:

    At any rate, I feel like I've always been obsessed with makeup, and looking back on it it seems like my upbringing definitely encouraged it! :P
  9. 13. Only because I had real bad dark circles.
  10. 7th grade
  11. i started about a year ago to wear makeup everyday to school .. so my 15th ( im 16 now)
    but i started wearing lipgloss at my 12-13th
  12. I started wearing makeup very early for all my ballet recitals. Then I started wearing makeup to school everyday around 12-13 I think. I only wore lip gloss, a little eyeliner, mascara, and concealer if I had any acne. I started going full out with my makeup in my sophomore year I think and I wear makeup everyday now.
  13. I was a fashionista!!! I have my makeup in my little japanese hello kitty tin box that I carry around everywhere I went! I was 2 or 3 (whenever I could walk and pack my stuff and make complicated sentences).. I have pictures too of me putting my powder and I cry when my mom gets mad and wash it off apparently..
  14. I'm a total late bloomer. Started wearing eye shawdow when I was 19 and full blown everything when I was 22. But to this day I still don't wear a ton of makeup b/c I'm so lazy!
  15. Probably when i was 10, maybe even a little younger than that but mostly just lip gloss and/or nail polish. I started wearing it more regularly i was 11, and by the time i was 12 i wore a little makeup everyday.