When did you start wearing make up?

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  1. about 11 or 12 against my Mom's will. I used to put it on at school and attempt to wash it off before I got home. Didnt' work so well!

    Mom finally let me start wearing it around age 14-15. Impossibly long to wait for a girl like me who doesn't do well with the natural look!!
  2. the first time it was on my face... was around 6 for ballet. :biggrin:

    I'm 21 and don't wear much. I'll use some foundation for work, but am too lazy to do much more. Plus it's too hot and it just melts off. My mom's always telling me to put some on. ;)
  3. I started wearing makeup around 12-13. And I am 39 now. It is still one of my great loves.
  4. My Dad's 2 sisters live in NY and I always thought they were the height of sophistication. They both wear a lot of make-up, always have, and one summer when I was about 14 they sent me a big box full of stuff they had bought and not liked, or whatever. I started experimenting and my love of make up was born!
  5. In middle school my friends and I used to be into lip gloss, like those crazy purple and blue hard candy colors with glitter. After that, besides concealer sticks, I only wore makeup for special occasions (like once a year for dances) until college. Now I can't go outside without doing at least my eyebrows!
  6. Lipgloss at 10. Lipstick, eyeliner, powder at around 13-14. Everything else in 10th grade or so. I always prefer a neutral look.
  7. I don't really wear make-up -- probably because I am terrible at applying make-up. But every once in a while if it's a special event, like attending a wedding or what-not, i'll wear a tad, like mascara and lip gloss. (i'm 18 btw)
  8. i think i started wearing mascara when i was 12, but when i got older i used more and looked really horried :P
  9. 13 in 8th grade. Me and my friends all used a cherry red matte lipstick...lol the horror
  10. I was 11-12 and my Mum let me pick out my own lipgloss, mascara and eye shadow for my first High School dance. I didn't wear make-up on a daily basis until much later, I was probably about 15. I could have worn it earlier, but I wasn't that interested in it. Even now there are days when I go out the house without it and it doesn't bother me.
  11. probably around 11-12. in high school i wore makeup more regularly. however, even to this day, ido my best not to wear it everyday - im just too lazy!
  12. hmmm.. well my mom used to put some on my face when i was younger for recitals and plays, looking back, it was just horrible! red lipstick on a 6 year old just doesnt look good!
    technically, i started at 13, freshman year (HS) but i only used face powder (because of the stifling hot year round weather) and concealer for blemishes.
    i REALLY started using makeup at 18, foundation, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara thats pretty much it till now.
  13. Summer between 8th and 9th grade mom sent me to finishing school since I was such a tom boy. She wanted me to learn how to be a lady and how to put make up on correctly in case I decided to use it. I learned a lot and will send my daughter when the time is right. I didn't use very much in high school and only started wearing a "full face" in my late teens/early twenties.
  14. I was 13, it was only eyeshadow.
  15. I am 16 and I hardly ever wear it. I just do not see the point why would you try to cover up who you are and pretend to be someone you are not?