When did you start wearing make up?

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  1. I had to start "wearing" makeup at an early age, around 5 for dance recitals & competitions.

    I started wearing light makeup to school in fifth grade. And by junior high/high school, I was wearing "full" makeup on most days. Now, I really prefer to not leave the house w/o the makeup basics or fully "done"... if possible. ;)
  2. 10th grade :biggrin: started with lipgloss and mascara
  3. I still don't wear it often. I only put it on for going out a night, or for something special. My bf hates it when I wear makeup, so I guess that's why I don't wear it everyday.
  4. hmmm i started wearing eyeliner in 8th grade, so i was 14. i really only use eyeliner/mascara/blush/bronzer.
  5. I had a friend put makeup on me on our class picture day when I was in fifth grade, and she made me look like a clown. Luckily I had time to wash it off before it was picture time :P

    I started wearing makeup when I started ninth grade. So I guess I was 14.
  6. I started wearing makeup when I was 12/13. I wore concealer for acne, a little eyeliner, mascara, sometimes a light eyeshadow and lipgloss. it wasn't heavy or anything and my mom always taught me how to apply everything. ;)
  7. 19 +
  8. I started in 7th grade, and wore make-up with varied intensity up until 10th grade. There I stopped for a few months, then began wearing it again. In 11th grade I stopped and now I only wear foundation.
  9. College, I think.
  10. I've been wearing lip gloss since I was in high school and I've been wearing eye make up consistently only for the past year.
  11. 11/12 when I was in 6th grade, I started wearing some Bonne Bell Lip Lites lipstick/gloss (creamsicle, the one I still use sometimes even now!). Then in about 9th grade (14/15) I started using a little eye makeup as well.
  12. I never actually wore any REGULARLY til I turned 20-21.. before that I'd worn some but wasn't a big fan. Right now I'm 24 and keep it light. I like a natural look best!
  13. around 12 -13ish
  14. Around high school, but it was low key with blush, lipstick, and sometimes foundation.
  15. I would say the same for me. I remember going to the five and dime and they had a maybelline display. I picked out this palette w/cream eyeshadows,blue etc.! I always had a thing for lipstick though as it was cheap (then). I really didn't get into the whole thing though until 20, I thought I was a late bloomer.