When did you start wearing make up?

  1. The first time I ever applied makeup was 12-13. I didn't start wearing it regularly until I was 19/20.
  2. about 13 - lipstick and eyeliner
  3. I still dont dress my face fully on a regular basis. I kind of like the natural look. I'll do it for a night out on the town or some other special event though.
  4. I was 17 :smile: My mum doesn't wear make up, and I didn't really care lol
  5. I think I was about 16. But I didnt wear much, pretty much only lipgloss and maybe some mascara. When i was about 18 I would say I started wearing make up but not regularly only when I went out in the evening.

  6. LOL - I thought my Mum was the only one that didn't wear make up... I think I started wearing it when I was like 18 or something... Not too sure really, I still don't wear it, but I'm trying to get into it... :graucho: I guess it's never too late to start whacking it on!
  7. When I was 15 years old.
  8. 14 behind my mom's back and got in trouble:roflmfao:. she laid off when i turned 15. i always did love make up.
  9. I don't ever wear make-up.. I probably wouldn't even know how to put it on, haha.
  10. I started using makeup consistently at 21 because I had a job that required it, but I still don't wear it every day. I like makeup and have a lot of fun playing with it, but I can't seem to bring myself to do a full face of makeup only to work at home or run around a college campus.
  11. At 7 b/c I took ballet when I was younger. Around 13/14 on an everyday basis.
  12. I think I was 11 or 12. My mom took me shopping for make up when the bar/bat mitzvah invites started rolling in. I wouldn't use it every day, but that was when I started and had my first trips to the department store make up counters. I think before that all I had were cheapy drugstore stuff and lots of purple lipstick for summer camp!
  13. 12, but only foundation. Thats because I started breaking out at that time. I didnt start wearing the whole shebang (foundation, eye and lip color) until i was about 18-19.
  14. I was 17 started to wear lipstick and eyeliner :heart:
  15. I secretly wear eye-shadow(oh, that blue color that I will never do), and lip stick when I was 15. Didn't fully wear make-up till I was around 18 or so.