When did you start using a purse in school?

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  1. Hi guys, I was just thinking about if I should bring my Dooney & Bourke to school :unsure: ( still thinking about it lol ) and was wondering when you started bringing a purse to school (if you were allowed to), and what kind of bag it was. And, did you keep it in your locker (or backpack or w.e) all day or bring it around? Just curious
  2. I started at 7th grade and they let us carry it around, it was a tommy hilfiger one.
  3. I had a D&B too in 10th geade and used it sometimes. In 11th grade I had coach and used it but kept it in my locker more. In 12th grade, I used my LV and didn't keep it in my locker. 12th grade, I didn't have a lot of class, though. Just a few ap classes and gym.
  4. 8th grade for me.

  5. 7th grade for me. I think the first was "esprit".....It was a long time ago. I know in my school, when a girl carried a purse you knew she had um....started menstrating and needed somewhere to keep her pads or tampons. We didn't have those nifty pocket sized things.
  6. In my school, we weren't allowed to take our purse to the bathroom with us during class. :suspiciou I always hated that.
  7. Actually, I never liked purses in high school or just carrying one period.

    I love purses now, but I have yet to start carrying one in college. I have some, but they rarely see the light.
  8. I am 37 and I started around 13 or so. I think it coincided with me getting my period and had I to start carrying more "personal" items. But my 11 year old has been taking a purse to school for the past year. Coach and DB of course! LOL she is a mini bag whore! Wonder where she got that from????

  9. Jr. high, when I had to start carrying by "girl supplies". Back then, that meant sanitary pads the size of a diaper and an elastic belt to fasten them to. I don't even remember what purse I had back then, probably something I macramé'd myself.
  10. Junior high school. About a million years ago. I fell in love with an Etienne Aigner oxblood red/Belgian linen purse. Quite different than today. Very chic and Hermes looking now that I think of it.

    Oh my, it carried sanitary pads too. And probably a few dollars and little else.
  11. i remember being the first girl in my grade to carry a purse to class :biggrin:. it was 7th grade, and we weren't allowed to take our backpacks from class to class, we had to carry our books and then change them out during designated 'book exchange' times at our homeroom. i found a wine colored satin Nine West purse that i loooooved and started carrying with my books. a bunch of other girls started later, but i was the first!
  12. I started wearing mine when I was out of highschool....I didnt really have a need until then for carrying one...I got my first credit card at 18...and then immediately bought my first wallet.
  13. i didn't wear purses in high school either. i didn't like carrying them around, plus a backpack. we didn't have lockers so we had to carry all our books. so there was no point in carrying a handbag also.
  14. i didn't start really carrying one around in until junior year of high school
  15. I had mini-backpacks in 4th-6th grade (always liked to carry around little toys and games and stuff).

    Got my first purse for 7th grade because I had to carry pens, pencils, mints, gum, hand sanitizer, and little homework book from class to class. It was a little messenger bag. I used a messenger bag in 7th and 8th grade. Then in 9th and 10th grade I used a Jansport mini backpack. From 11th grade until now, I've been using either one of my designer bags or my Jansport mini backback.