When did you start to show?

  1. I'm ten weeks pregnant now and already!!! I am showing.... but I don't know whether I've just gotten fat from eating all the time, or whether its actually due to the baby. I didn't expect to get a belly for another few months...so I was just curious, when did you begin to notice?
  2. CONGRATS!!!

    The baby is still so tiny that there shouldn't be too much noticeable growth quite yet.
    W/ my 1st child, a single baby, I started showing near 14-16 weeks. But around 10 weeks my tummy looked swollen on the bottom half and by the end of the day my pants were way too tight. But when I woke up the next day it was flat again and we'd start all over each day! LOL!
    W/ my 2nd pregnany, the twins, I was in maternity at 13 weeks, I was showing but looked like I was a little overweight as it wasn't too big yet.
    It's definitely not going to take "a few more months" before you show though.

    There's a LOT of increased blood volume and water weight for the sac so a little swollen tummy is normal.
    Some girls don't show until 18 weeks, some of us show at 12.
    Your next 4 weeks may be a weirtd transition as your normal clothes become unwearable but you're still not filling out maternity.
  3. I had no idea you are pregnant Danica. Congrats!!

    I started showing around the 4th month of my pregnancy.
  4. Thanks girls!! There is no doubt I've been taking in alot of calories, so I guess that is contributing, and of course I don't mind, although I'd like to stay within the healthy weight-gain range. I have a feeling though that I'm gonna be one of those early showers! lol but if what you are both saying is true, it'll only be around a month longer before it happens anyways! I'm excited to be showing, but this right now is *ahem* probably not because of the baby.:upsidedown:
  5. I started showing at 4 months!
  6. I am 10w5d and I feel like I am showing, but I think it's just me noticing it. I constantly ask DH if I look fat or to feel my belly to see if it's fat or it's baby. DH thinks I am fine and no one else (besides those we told) notice that I am PG. I know it's normal for us to gain weight, but I just don't want to gain excessive weight.
  7. 6 months with first baby, 4 1/2 months with 2nd baby, 4 months with this baby
  8. My first baby I started showing around 5 months, since I got pregnant 6 weeks after delivering the 1st baby, I started to show the 2nd around 3 months. Although, I hadn't lost all the weight from the first baby!! LOL!
  9. I need advice. Okay, so I just found out I am pregnant like on Monday...four days ago. My cycles run 45 days long. My last "period" was 11/20 however, it was weird and went for 1 day, stopped for 2 days then started again for 3 days. Anyway, I feel like I have a bloated little tummy now and my pants fit tighter. This is my first pregnancy so I am totally new to this. I doubt anyone can have this physical reaction at 4 weeks so I am wondering if I have been pregnant longer and my November AF was spotting......what do you think?
    I have my first dr. appt on 1/29......
  10. Congratulations Danica & fashion16!:flowers:

    With my first two I started showing around 4 1/2 - 5 months. This time round I couldn't do my jeans up at 5 weeks!!! Every woman carries differently and every pregnancy is different, eat as healthily as you can and try not to stress about the weight gain (I have to tell myself this constantly).

    Also, brace yourself because EVERYONE suddenly has an opinion on how you're carrying, how big/small you are etc and it's easy to take things a bit too personally or get hurt by some comments, no matter how well meaning they are.
  11. I just had one of my girlfriends (one of two people besides my dr. & my DH that know) and she goes, "Gosh, you have a round little tummy!!!"
    I don't get it....4 weeks along, first pregnancy.. always have been a size 0 or 25 inch waist and 104 lbs. I feel like a freak!
  12. I started showing with both around 17 weeks or so. I did eat like a pig, so I'm sure it wasn't all baby! LOL
  13. 7 months with 1st baby 2 months with 2nd.
  14. fashion16, may be a good idea to start your own thread:yes:
  15. This is my first pregnancy and i started showing at about 4 months (18 almost 19 weeks). :smile: