when did you start planning your childs 1st birthday party?

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  1. :P Silly thread!

    I have already decided on a theme for Ainslie's 1st birthday, which is hilarious because she will have no clue what is going on anyway.

    It's going to be a Southern Belle Tea theme. HAHA!

    There will be lemonade, sweet tea, etc.

    It will probably be more fun for the adults! She is going to wear a cute little sundress and hopefully she'll have enough hair to wear a bow!
  2. You make me smile...that's so cute that you're so excited...it sounds fun :smile: First birthdays are def. more for the adults ;)
  3. First birthdays are a huge deal! EVERYONE goes to a baby's first birthday (at least in my family that's one that people travel from out of town for) my son will be 1 in about 3 months! we're gonna do a spiderman theme. i have 2 girls , so i'm sooo excited to not be doing something girly for once! but yes. it's definately for the adults until the child is about 3 or 4.
  4. "when did you start planning your childs 1st birthday party?" before she was born! ha!

    although my DD will not remember her 1st bday party, she had a blast. it was a cupcake theme. i think there were 50 people at our house. luckily it was a gorgeous July day and we could be in the backyard. it was a great party and now next year i'll have to do it for twin girls! :nuts:

    this was her cute little dress i found months before her party...

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  5. I have had my lil girl's b-day party planned forever :biggrin: It will be Hello Kitty...surprise lol

    Pink and white cupcakes etc
  6. Well, not exactly a huge deal for eveyone. I mean, the fact that they are turning one was a huge deal, but we didn't do the big party for either child. We had small family celebrations with cake up until age 3. I didn't start doing large, themed parties until age 3, when they could appreciate and remember it. I'll never forget my daughter's 3rd birthday party (and my first attempt at a large party). After the last guest left she sat down on my lap and said "thanks for the great party mom." She was so sweet to understand and appreciate that I had put a lot of effort into her party. Just my two cents, but huge parties for babies are more for adults than anything else...
  7. I started probably 2 months prior but it actually involves alot of work. I bought birthday favors at a online website that takes up to 4-8 weeks to deliver for the personalized items. I also ordered a whole bunch of personalized decorations which took forever. Now I know it probably takes up to 3-4 months in preparation for the big day!

  8. Me too, lol! ;)
  9. Ohh I love it- very original!!! Great idea!
  10. divalicioust, your daughter is beautiful!! ^^^

    PurseFanatic, remember to take lots of photos for the baby book. It is for the adults, but kids love looking at photos of when they were littler.

    We just spent last weekend with our grandchildren for grandson's 3rd birthday party. I wonder if he will remember it. They had it in a children's music instruction business with 4 staff members leading singing and playing simple instruments. It was planned so all the kids could participate with no "competing" for prizes or naming winners and losers. It was well-done because even the shy children had a great time.

  11. Me three! Mine better come out lovin' Hello Kitty coz that's what her whole nursery is!
  12. Thank you, we will be in NY for her birthday since it will be around the holidays and my sister is already looking for HK decorations, lol. My sister has 2 boys and Kayla is the little girl she never had.
  13. ^^^That's so sweet. I have 2 sons and my nieces and granddaughter are like that (like daughters) to me. I buy too many clothes for them, lol! Your baby girl is so precious-looking. Those are great photos of her.
  14. Im planning Haydens now..Its the jungle theme..LOL..just like his new room!I ordered an amazing tiered cake with jungle animals on it!Im going to have a ballon artist..face painter for the kids that r there.cant wait...2 1/2 weeks away!
  15. We started about 6 months ahead. It's a huge deal where I'm from, but we moved and are closer to DH's family, and they are all like: O_O at our party. We had over 100 guests, catering, a magician, face painting, a sea lion show, carousel ride, pinata... it was so fun.

    I'm already planning my little girl's future 1st birthday party. Not sure about the theme yet, but I know there will be lots of PINK!