When did you start coming here?

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  1. I was just woondering how long have you all been coming to this site? And how did you find it?

    I started posting a few weeks ago when I found the site after researching the paddington bag and I have been addicted every since.
  2. this is my 9th day posting but i've been looking at this site for a few weeks. i found this site when i was searching google about chanel bags:love: . at first i didn't even realize this was a forum but now i can't stop reading all of these threads :biggrin:
  3. It has just been a few weeks for me as well. I was lurking, learning about the beloved Paddington before I signed up and started posting.

    Now - I just like posting and reading; I feel like I am starting to get to know the other ladies/gents from their posts.

    My hubby has his "car forums" it is nice to have a forum where everyone shares similar interests. :smile:
  4. i've been coming since october. i was looking for the perfect brown bag and found out about EDE bags but couldn't find too many places that sold them (this was before NM picked them up), so i googled it and one of meg's posts on the blog came up. i looked around and then came over to the board and i've been here ever since.

    and y'all are the people that helped me find my perfect brown bag (IF Audra), too. i probably wouldn't have if i hadn't found this place.
  5. I joined in October while researching information about... you guessed it, bags! I wanted to find a place to share my obsession, so I Googled "purse message board" or something like that, and this place came up :love:
  6. i found this site a few months ago because meg is also a moderator at the fashion spot and that's how i found the site. i'm really glad, i like this place so much more than tfs. been a regular poster since this forum opened. i remember when i registered there were only like 10 members :smile:
    this community has grown so much since then and all the members are so nice.
    :love: Purseblog :love:
  7. my friend showed me the purse blog first a few months ago, and then i lurked around the forum for a while before posting. but once you start posting, you can't stop! well at least for me anyway.
  8. I found the site in Nov while researching an online store. I love this place; I log in all day....all day. I've learned so much; I'm more of a purse snob that I was before I found you guys and that is a good thing.
  9. i found this site around october when i was trying to decide on a new bag and all my searches seemed to lead here. joined in november and have been addicted ever since
  10. i had been reading the purse blog for ever, and read the forums after they first opened it...then finally in nov i joined and became a bit more active.
  11. I used to read the blog all the time and was so excited to find out a forum was coming up :biggrin:

    I joined on one of the first days.
  12. Searching for bags brought me here. Read what everyone had to say and stayed.
  13. October, I had read on here since it started, but I just couldn't not talk about purses by october, so I joined!
  14. Same experience. I think I was searching on Google and found the blog. It's totally addictive - maybe as much as bags themselves. :amuse:
  15. I've been here pretty much since the beginning. I don't really remember what got me here but its definitely addictive....and EXPENSIVE! I've bought SOOOO many more bags since getting here than I did before!