When did you start collecting?

  1. Hi, I'm fairly new and was just wondering when you all started collecting handbags..

    I'm a sophomore in high school...my parents think I'm wayyyy too young to be carrying LV or Chanel, but I'm already obsessed with designer handbags...

    So far I only own a black leather wristlet from Coach, which I ADORE...but my birthday's coming up and I want an UPGRADE! :yes:

    Any suggestions? ...preferably under $500 since I have to pay for it myself and I'm too young to work... :p

    Thinking about :
    ~LV Mini Sac - too small?
    ~LV Speedy - most likely...price is a bitttt high for a high schooler though...
    ~LV Pochette Accessoires - anyone own this?? it looks like the perfect size and its a good price too!

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I bought my first designer bag about 6 months after getting my first "real" job after college. It was a treat to myself, sort of a "congratulations" present.
  3. My First Designer Handbag came from an Ex-Boyfriend when I was in college. So I blame him for this Designer Handbag Addiction.
  4. First job out of law school, I bought a Coach. I was really bad about spending that much on a bag, and an extremely little bag for that matter.
  5. Hmmmm, I got my first designer handbag when I was 18 or 19...
  6. I got into this a couple of years ago, so when I was 20. I fell in love with Balenciaga but settled for coach and longchamp, which was a huge leap for me regardless. Now I've finally come full circle and bought the balenciaga style that first inspired me!

    I have the LV pochette accessories, and find it to be a cute and very useful bag. I use it for going out mostly.
  7. I never think that I'm collecting bag(s) but now I have more than 60+
  8. I got my first higher end bag, a Dooney & Bourke AWL satchel when I was 25. Prior to then I was (and still am) a clothes and shoes nut. For some reason handbags weren't that big of a deal. In the 90s I had a few nylon Pradas and they hold up great still today!

    I've only really gotten serious about collecting in the last year since joining tPF. So...for me it was my late 30s when I got serious about it!
  9. i got my first designer handbag when i was 16, but it wasn't until i got my first job out of college that i started collecting them. the first bag i purchased with my own hard earned money was a marc jacobs venetia. :heart:
  10. So it seems that for most, it was after the first job...

    I agree though, it feels good buying something as lovely as a designer bag with your own hard earned money!
  11. i got my first lv when i was 15. it was a pochette..
  12. Hmm about 2000-ish when I was 14. But not by choice..my mom was always on me for putting my own stuff in her bag so she got me my first bag, a pewter blue Kate Spade microfiber backpack the summer before 10th grade, then followed each holiday with a new bag. The next was a black Kate Spade microfiber shoulder bag (don't remember the style name), then a Coach Zoe hobo bag and leather Demi pochette. After that I got 3 D&B It bags from my dad along with assorted Juicy Couture bags and then in 2003, I got my first LV's from my parents. I got a monogram pochette for Valentine's Day, fuchsia Vernis Lexington for graduation and the brown/pink Cherry Blossom pochette for Christmas.
  13. I really started early last year- right around when I turned 14. Personally if you could swing a speedy I'd go for it- it's a nice, sizeable bag that's great for anything. If not, I'd pick to pochette over the mini sac- it's more mature and will age better. Welcome to the pf!
  14. I'm married with young children, so I'll just say that I've had a hankering for designer bags early on. This go's way back to Garfinkles before it closed. Fendi definitely wasn't as well known at that time as it is now. Maybe that's why I won't purchase anymore Fendi bags for myself.
  15. I bought my first designer bag way back when I saw Princess Diana carrying the JP Tod Shopper in Vachetta. Its probably 12-13 years ago. I still kick myself to this day I settled for the Black Patchwork bag. It taught me to never settle for a bag and wait to get exactly what you want.