When did you say the magic words?

So this is SUCH a Cosmo question, but here goes:

When did you first say "I love you" :love: to your SO/spouse? Did you say it first or did your partner? How long do you think you should wait in a relationship before saying it, or should you just say it when you feel it regardless of timing?

The question's been on my mind recently :shame:
my boyfriend said the words first, me not for awhile after but still pretty early on in our relationship....i think it was because we were both really young, and the words were more for the sake of saying them and didn't hold the full import they woudl if we'd been older (although he says he really meant it back when he first said it....who knows).....

i feel like those words shouldn't be said too early on in a relationship (if this is a person you've just met and not someone you've been friends with for years and years) because it's not really possible to love someone you don't fully know.......i say at least a solid few months is necessary, plus you don't wanna scare the guy off :P
We were best friends for a long time before it turned into love. So, it didn't take too long to say it. I'm pretty sure he said it first and I'm sure I most likely said it right back. I believe in saying it when you feel it regardless of timing. Not on a first date, of course ;) but you pretty much know when the time is right.
Honestly, for me I think it was kind of love at first sight :love:. I didn't say 'I love you' that early on, but more like 'i think im falling in love with you' or something like that. I don't remember when it was that I said I love you...but within the first two months.
He said it first, about 6 weeks into our relationship. We used to live about 15 minutes from the beach and a couple of times a week we'd go late at night and sit on the sand and hang out. The day he said it, he took me there, we were on the sand, and I could tell he was nervous about something. I thought he was going to dump me :lol: Well, right when he was about to say something, it started pouring. We ran to the car and went back to his house, and when I was leaving that night he said the three words :P It was sweet :love:
about two months into our relationship, i think, we were in bed arguing about something, and he said 'it's all going to be ok' and i said 'how do you know?' and he said 'because i love you.'

so naturally we didn't argue anymore that night.
A little early on in the relationship, but before we were together we decided to get to know each other before actually dating. It was definitely one of those love at first sight things though when we first met, lol.

He said the words first and I didn't say it back until a couple of days later. I just thought when he said it was just because it was an 'in the moment' thing and it slipped, but he told me he meant it and thought I didnt say anything because he scared me off, lol.
it was about 2 months after we started dating and my now husband, made his own Valentines card in crayons (how cute?) that told me how he really felt.
I think it was a couple of months after we started dating. I said it first but I used the "feel him out" phrase first: "I think I'm falling for you" or something to that effect. He said the feeling was mutual and the next day we actually said the 3 words.
My boyfriend didn't tell me until we were dating for TWO YEARS!! I knew that I loved him but I would never say it first. I never wanted to rush it b/c I knew when he would (finally) say it that he would mean it with all of his heart. Now it has been four years and we are getting engaged this summer. It was worth the wait:love: even though it was annoying at the time!:nuts: