When did you realize you were obsessed?

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  1. I was 7 when I started my handbag obsession every time my dad and Step mom went out I would ask them to bring me back a handbag. For every birthday, Christmas, Easter, it was the first thing on my list. I started babysitting at 15 and all my pay went to my obsession back them it was Eitenne Aigner and Oleg Cassini. I blame my grandmother who had a beautiful white leather and a Black alligator Hermés Kelly bags from like the 50s or 60’s my uncle got them for her when they were in the army. She only wore them to church on Sundays or on special occasions. Sad to say my cousin received those bags when my grandmother passed and I far as I know there shoved in a closet somewhere, her ideal of a great bag is a leatherette bag for Target she carried for ever. (Can you tell I’m a bit bitter?) :evil: When I move out of my parent’s home I had a handbag collection of around 70 bags

  2. Wow 70 bags???? I would, and I am pretty sure everyone else on the forum, love to see your collection. And I would be a little upset about the hermes bag going to a cousin who most likely would not value it as much as you would.
  3. i fell in luv w handbags since i was in 2nd grade of sr high, my mum bought me a burberry bag. its the 1st 'grown up, formal bag' i've ever had ( my bags were kiplings, adidas, those kind of bags ). i used to be a tomboy, never spend time shopping n caring about fashion or my appearance, the only fashion item i like were shoes, eventhough i never wear any fancy shoes, just sneakers.. my mum used to say she's ashame with my appearance when we went out together, she often forced me to wear girly clothes i'd never thought wearing..

    thanks to her day after day i'm becoming more fashion-addict ^^;

    agree w ilovechloe's mom quote!!!
  4. My obsession began in highschool. It becomes worse every year, especially now that I'm on this forum I'm more obsessed than ever. I think about handbags 24/7 :shame: Ladies, help! I think I'm sick! :biggrin:
  5. When I was in elementary school. When I would go to my friends houses and all I wanted to see was the purses they had. And as a young adult to now, all I want to shop for is purses. I literally dream about the ones Im on a hunt for and will pay what ever I have to when finally finding that "no where to be found bag" Call me crazy, but I think that is obsessed!
  6. hmmm, i wasnt too bad about a year ago, but i become totally obessed when i finally found ppl to obessess with!!!

    i love you guys!!! :biggrin:
  7. Eversince I was really small (4) I used to walk around everywhere with a purse,and I had many with diffrent colors. The used to call me bag girl..
  8. I have more than 50 that I know of but they're all scattered between my apartment and my BF's home (which I call the vault cause I never use the bags I have there, too nice to use). Half are no-name or store brands and the other half is designer (mostly kate spades).
  9. Only about 4 yrs ago. I was a shoe nut before then. I go through phases though. Its bags now (& at this rate I'm thinking for a loooong time to come :biggrin: )

    When did I really realize I was obsessed? When I think nothing of spending in upwards of $2000 for a bag. DH thinks I'm nutty and just looks at me but it truely doesn't even make me think twice. Is that bad???
  10. I've always loved purses, but about freshmen year of high school I started digging designer purses. I just think once you see the quality, there's no going back. I always think, though, when someone says I have 100 bags or some insanely high number, they mean designer. Not to sound snobby, though, but if you think about it, if you have a 100 bags and they only costed say 5 bucks, which you could get some stores, that's only 500. You can't even get a speedy for that. I just don't think nondesigner are worth it.
  11. My bag obsession started last year when I realized I can buy bags as my stress reliever. :lol:
  12. Probably when I moved to Florida this past fall.. The superficiality rubbed off on me pretty quickly..... and I LOVED it. :-P
  13. What obsession??? I don't have a problem!!!! lol jj. Not sure, it just happened :biggrin:
  14. I remember 7th grade, yes 7th grade. For some reason I started to recognize designer bags then... and I gave my parents hell until I started getting some. I didn't really begin to appretiate beautiful and classic bags until about 4 years ago though
  15. i was a 'late bloomer' :smile:, as i only started a year ago, when i was pregnant (must be the hormones ;). but i'm quickly making up for lost years! :smile:

    before my 'obsession with bags' started, i couldn't imagine myself shelling out US$100 for a bag! i've always thought, it's just something to put my stuff in and that nobody's going to notice anyway!

    the first time i bought a designer bag -- LV (hey, if you're going to spend big, might as well do it right!) -- i felt faint (bought a Speedy Cerise) and couldn't sleep well for days, just touching and looking at the bag and convincing myself I did the right thing. I kept thinking of other more important things I could've bought with that amount of money I paid for the bag. But after the initial 'guilt feelings', I went on and bought another LV bag -- and there's no turning back since then :smile: